Tomato plant ID + Monarch caterpillar?

cammunizmDecember 5, 2011

This is the only fruiting tomato plant I've got for Fall harvest it seems, though the brandywines continue to flower. Incidentally, this Tomato plant(s) is a product of kitchen compost I laid down a few months ago.

Was wondering what type of tomato it might be. It's a small bushy type with what looks like grape-shaped tomatos. (Grape or Roma maybe?)

Also, I've got several of these guys on my Butterfly weed, which is why I assumed it's Monarch. Hooray!!

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I've grown grape tomatoes from seed from ones I've bought so it's possible that is what it is. They were the sweetest I've ever had. And that looks like a monarch cat to me. :o)

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I'm on my way to the garden center for more Milkweed. Mine are covered with monarch cats and all that's left are the stems.

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I grew about 4 from seeds I captured off the mother plant. They aren't too big yet though. Was curious if milkweed should be cut back in the winter?

oh and scratch that. I just noticed I have mini-pumpkin sized brandywine tomatoes growing. Let's hope I can hold off the frost.

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The milkweed will set some seed-pods and the seeds are very light and float away, I gather the pods when they turn brown-ish to save the seeds, but they will 'naturalize' if you let them and come up all over the place... I trim back the stalks when they get real leggy, after they have set the seed-pods they do that, and then they come back and grow some more... the trick is to always have a good 'stand' of milkweed so you provide a constant supply for the butterflies, lots of them like milkweed, also Dill, also Passion-flower, also can Google 'Florida Butterflies' and get an idea what different types like... set aside an area where all this stuff is available, and they will come ! sally

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