Octoer blooms!!!!

dmichael619(8a)October 4, 2012

This is my first time using the browse feature to upload a photo so forgive me if you are viewing this and not seeing a picture!!! If you do see a picture then you are looking at H. multiflora variegata.

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Okay i'm gonna be totally honest here and hope that my mouth doesn't get me banned from the forum. But the browse feature here really sucks!!! Come on. Really we're only able to paste a single photo at a time. other forums have the capability to use the browse feature and post multiple pictures at a time before actually submitting the message to become permanent. Can that not be done here???? It sure would make life MUCH easier!!!

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just updating the thread title to show October blooms instead of Octoer as I had it to begin with!!!

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guess that didn't work

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hello David,

I see the lovely Multiflora & what looks like a bite taken out of it. I don't see what's variegated about it, is it me?

I haven't tried the Browse feature, I don't have the patience (slow home 'puter to post pix 1 at a time.) Takes me long enough to do it the older way w/ multiple shots, why not try going back to that?

I don't understand what the Browse feature is for actually, why one would use it in place of the older way.

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Beautiful, bitten or not! This is currently one of my top five lusted-after hoyas, and no one stateside has one available right now. Hoping I'll be able to find one in the spring!

David, I agree somewhat - I'm a tech-head for a living, and I can't figure out (on my own) how to make a message with multiple photos within the same post, though I know it can be done. Then again, free is my favorite price, and I appreciate GardenWeb and this forum BIG time!

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As always David your photos are lovely! ~ Mary

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I agree that this is not my favorite style of forum. Personally, using html to insert images doesn't bother me. I would be more interested in post editing capabilities and topic sub-forums. And maybe a low key administrative Hoya moderator who we could easily ask to to lock, delete, or sticky posts.

But, you know, what can you do. This is where we all happened to gather. And it is nice that you can just mosey next door to ask an ignorant question about crassula ovata or whatever. Most of the time I forget about the GW flaws, like the way I forget about the imperfections in my home I keep meaning to get around to fixing.

I noticed on my invoice that my Liddle multiflora is the speckled one, so now I have speckled multiflora and speckled javanica. I really like the speckled javanica Joni grows, but I have been a bad waterer lately and mine is super pissed off right now. It's not in danger of dying or anything, but it's dropped a lot of leaves. Every time I approach it, I feel like a child about to be scolded by an outraged authority figure.

I don't have anything too exciting blooming at the moment, but I did happen to notice that davidcummingii had once again snuck a full set of buds into flower without my noticing until they were in bloom. I have been huffing DS-70 like a cat on catnip lately, so I really enjoyed comparing the differences between it and davidcummingii. It feels like davidcummingii is caramelly with a sort of sweet fruit in the mix. Like a cherry lollipop dipped in caramel or something. Whereas DS-70 is a much more buttery caramel, with the same richness as heuschkeliana which has also been blooming for me on and off for a few months now.

Over time, you trade with a lot of people and buy from a lot of vendors and receive a lot of generous gifts. And some plants get more firmly tied to the original person than others. Both of these fall into that category and whenever I see this pink heuschkeliana it goes "David!" There are a lot more impressive plants I've gotten from you, David, but this one is a real shouter.

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Okay so i've given up on using the browse button to upload pics on this forum!!!!

karen, when you have the option to use the browse button on a forum like this it just means that you don't have to leave the page to look for you pictures. I save all of my pictures on a photo sharing site (photobucket) and when I post pictures I have to be logged in to both sites,photo bucket and gardenweb. Then I have to copy the link to the picture and come back to GW and paste it. When I post multiple pictures this can become very time consuming.

When you have the option to use a browse button it just takes you to your files and you find the picture,open it and it's automatically attached to the thread without you having to leave the page or copy and paste anything.

Being able to use that feature and post multiple pictures would make it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier.

So these pics which were taken 2 days ago have now been saved to photo bucket and i'm jumping all over the place once again to get them here to share with you all!!!!

First up is,
H. rigida. This is a Thai clone from Epiphytica nursery

H. australis ssp. rupicola IML 1754

H. obscura IML 1003.

H. aff. mindorensis

H. sp. Kalimantan with some visitors

H. padangensis

H. acuta IML 0079--I moved all of the hoyas back into the gh several weeks ago and many are still in bloom. I'm not sure what kind of moths these are but there are quite literally thousands of them in the gh. To give you an idea of just how many are actually in there. I can hear them flying and bumping against the plants and the gh covering. My guess is that before too long there will be seed pods galore!!!!

H. acuta albomarginata

GG, that's a really nice pic of your davidcummingii

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Michael, in the picture of your H. australis, is that a mealy in the middle of the umbel?

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Lovely pix GG and David!!! I am gaga over the mindorensis! ~ Mary

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I didn't even notice that little white speck in the middle of the flowers until I actually had the photo uploaded to the computer. I meant to go back out and check it as I was wondering myself if it was a mealy bug!!! "IF" I can remember to di it, i'll check it tomorrow!!

Mary that mindorensis is nice!!!! This is I think the only time that it has bloomed an all yellow umbel of flowers. If search aff mindorensis in the box up top you'll find many pics that I have posted of this hoya. It has bloomed in many shades of yellow,peach,pink and even almost red at times. There's been a few times where it would have multiple umbels of flowers open and they'd be different colors.

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I will be putting that one on my wish list! ~ Mary

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David those photos with the moths are so cool!


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I love the moth pictures too! :) How lucky are they to be hanging out in your greenhouse. Especially this time of year. It's like the moth version of a Vegas buffet.

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LOVE those moth photos, David! Love the mindorensis as well :).

GG, love your davidcummingii photos too.

Congrats on the blooms, everyone!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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David, your plants are doing beautifully otherwise. It's always just ONE mealybug that is just there to mock you. I've been through that several times and it's always hard on my heart, LOL.

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Looking for that mindorensis on line can anyone refer me to a good source and any reference to identifying it? Is it something found on epiphytica such as the epc 654 pinkish orange on pg 3. No PIX there!!!! You know how it is when you are dogging the trail of something!! Looking forward to spring! ~ Mary

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It will not surprise you that people ask David this question all the time. He has posted an answer in this thread.

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Yes I saw that and am unable to fine who Antone is or the web address for the company he describes. Maybe I am not looking in the right place either. ~ Mary

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Antone has retired from the Hoya biz, although I was surprised to see his site is down now. That must have happened pretty recently?

It's still useful to know a source, so you can confirm that the aff. mindorensis is the same one. For example IML 1777 is also frequently labeled aff. mindorensis, but has a very different flower color. But knowing the source is Antone, when you see someone listing aff. mindorensis for trade, you know what question to ask them next. There are a number of forum members who acquired this plant from Antone back in the day.

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Beautiful pics David and GG. I think the davidcumingii and the mindorensis are especially nice.

I had bought a variegated multiflora a few months ago. Unfortunately it died two days after I received it. Was in pretty bad shape.

But I will work on getting another one next year.


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