Arrgh! Aphid attack on my veggies

BocaBrianDecember 5, 2011

I have aphids attacking my cauliflower, pepper and marigold plants. I have sprayed them with Need Oil, but they are still around. Should I remove the said plants and replace with a new batch? So far I have not noticed them on my tomatoes, beans or cucumbers. Thanks.

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Try spraying with a hard blast from the hose. :o)

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Not as quick a fix as you might need but try planting nasturtiums around your garden area - used by organic gardeners as aphid "magnets".

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You can spray them down with water dailey and they will eventually die. Try to find the ants and get rid of them . They are the ones moving them from plant to plant. Neem oil does work but you must use it often. I have found they do not kill the plant just slow it down. 7 dust liquid form also works and ortho bug be gone works as well but they are not so great for the good bugs. Just wait the ladybugs will come and help hopefully.

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i was just reading about "Garlic Barrier" available on line. Works well on many insects including aphids and mosquitos. I'm going to try it on chilli trips.
Good luck with the bug wars.

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I keep several spray-bottles of alcohol w/Dawn around the garden, it doesn't hurt the plant but does deter/kill lots of bugs...sally

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Wow, thanks everyone for the great tips! I have seen several ants wondering around, didn't know they were the ones that are moving them. Good to know. I bought some Diatomaceous earth today, will dust around and hopefully that will help. I had marigolds planted around also hoping to ward off aphids, other pests, but the aphids have pretty much devoured them as well. It's hard for me to spray them off with a water hose since I'm in a community garden, but will give that a try too. Again, thanks for all of your helpful suggestions!!

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