A Fabulous Find: a speckled H kerrii!!

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)October 26, 2011

Ladies & Gents,

Last night I ran into a speckled H. kerrii, really pretty, very well grown & healthy, for a big $3, I insisted on paying $4, knowing what a steal it was!

I needed more Kerriis like I need a hole in the head, but it's soooooooo pretty w/ its very uniform speckles.

The camera is acting up, or I'd post pix, maybe if we're all very good girls (& boys) this winter I'll have some for swap come Spring.

After I complemented the grower profusely, she told me she had another Hoya at home very long leaves, maybe she'd get me a cutting -- yummy, she said it had a big ball of purple & white flowers -- woo hooo (I'm thinking Pubicalyx, but OK).

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That is exciting new. I would love to see a pic if your camera will behave. Congrats!!!

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kathybennie(5 Colorado Springs)

would love to see a pix; what a great find!!

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Ooo, Karen, you lucky dog!! Combine one of my old-time favorites with my adoration of speckled leaves and I'm blowing in a bag to keep from hyperventilating! You're sure it's kerrii?? I've never heard of a speckled clone, but until they were suddenly "out there", I'd never heard of a speckled clone of obovata...

And I know what you mean about not needing yet another kerrii... I whacked up my original kerrii this summer because it had just gotten too large and taken over. I really have to part with a couple more of them with space being so limited, but I never seem to mind making room for another one!

Denise in Omaha

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There is a speckled kerrii but it is kind of rare. What I have seen circulated as a speckled frosted kerrii was in fact a Hoya obovata with a slight truncate leaf tip.
In Thailand there is a true speckled kerrii but I believe it is still pricey and the plant is not 100% viable as cuttings do revert back to a green state after time.

What I haven't seen in circulation is a miniature H. kerrii that was once available in limited numbers. Exact kerrii leaves about an 1/5 to 2 inches long on a more wirey shrubby vine (grown like H. pachyclada)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yes, Denise,

Lucky dog indeed! You & I must be cut from the same cloth in this regard. The instant I saw the plant, I perked up thinking, 'Wow, a speckled kerrii, not that I need it but it's so fabulous looking that I may just have to have it'.

And so I did, what I like most is it's a light speckling, less than Lacunosa snow cap, but it's very consistent leaf to leaf, a light but all-over even speckling. I once saw an Obovata like that (maybe one of yours?).

Yes, definitely a kerri, very heart shaped. Interesting too, it's got lots of leaves close together, rather than those long & often bare, vines. It's a young cutting, but well grown & I'll have to turn it out to check down below as it's in a clear cup without drainage (ackkk!)

I really gotta go speak to the camera geeks! Neither new batteries nor a new memory cards did the trick on the camera, frustrating!!!

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hi pirate, i am waiting for your photo!!!!

i am so curious,must be fantastic!!!

i wait...

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Karen, two of my kerrii clones grow compact like that. My oldest one (what I call the "original" kerrii) is the wildest with the long vines, often totally leafless but covered with peduncles. My "hairy kerrii" and veined clone both grow nice and compact in spite of being in considerably lower light conditions than my original.

RFG, do you have any idea what happened with the small-leaved kerrii? Sounds like one I'd like to have, too!

Denise in Omaha

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Ask Chanin (Stephania) what happened to it. It is a beauty. It never flowered and the image I have seen of it was smaller (vine and all) than a Nikon camera lens cap.
Never seen its flowers.

It grew like pachyclada with very short internodes and truly heart shaped leaves!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well I'm back, camera's all better so here are some pix of my latest love, what I'm calling a speckled H Kerrii.

more pix

I didn't think to ask the source where THEY got it.

isn't this lovely?

I love it, can't quite say why, I just do

Hoya heaven, crazy as it sounds.

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Beautiful... I love the heart shaped leaves!... congrats... nice find!

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Karen,your speckle kerri is more cute than the plain one.

my obovata has a lots of speckles, when I have more light, the speckle is cover the whole leave.

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Your kerri is just beautiful, parab�ns (congrats)!!!!


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oooooooo!!!! pirate!!!!


this hoya is a daydream!!!!

i haven't ever seen one...

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Very pretty. I have the speckled obovata and although any obovata is a fast grower, the speckled grows like a true weed.

Great find.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the compliment.

Well, Obovata is an old favorite of mine. I had one for a number of yrs., grew like a weed & I had it all pegged to its clay pot w/ binder clips. But I lost it a winter or 2 ago. I keep meaning to get a replacement, but haven't come across one yet. I recently saw speckled Obovata which I hadn't really known about, I want one too, they look GREAT in pix!

This plant doesn't seem to be awake yet, even tho' in lives at a west window w/ a number of other Hoyas growing like mad (Pubicalyx types).

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It REALLY is a lovely kerri, PG. I can't tell you how many times I've looked & admired it!

I have a plain one, and I adore its leathery thick leaves...just wish it wouldn't have so many BARE nodes...But I love its resistance to training! Makes me LOL with those tough stiff vines!

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I missed your photos in Nov. Are the leaves a bit thinner than the standard kerrii? I find this is true of the speckled obovata. At any rate, it's a beauty! I'll have to be on the lookout for one.

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Kerris are odd plants,


What was that you were saying about bare nodes?

My hydro green Kerrii (zig zaggy was how Denise put it when describing some of her own).

My lovely but headstrong variegated Hydro Kerrii

the down side of that beauty are these extra gnarly nodes

Well Denise,

Hi, good observation, don't know, now you've got me walking around & testing then for thickness, one Kerrii to the next.

I'll check again on the weekend, but in checking the speckled Kerrii for this, I saw it's got a new baby leaf, so yippee, it's woken up. Will try for pix on the wknd.

It's occurred to me that if I see this again I'll buy it for later swaps, I don't think it likely, but will make note just in case.

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Leaf-less nodes I should say, Karen. Must have made it unhappy (too dry?) and it looks like it "aborted" those leaves that were starting...
Hoping it will fill in with peduncles, as yours seems to have! :-D Please?
Mine's not quite mature enough to be zig-zag-y, but well on it's way. Very excited to see mine's started a NEW vine from the bottom of the pot! YAY!

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I got my speckled obovata from Jodi in Florida (Secret Garden Rare Plants).


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Thanks Susan,

I may be getting some in the near future, a lovely GWer from here found two & bought one. I teased her into going back & buy the other one & she did, so I may be getting some once it warms enough to ship.

But thanks for your lead, just in case it falls through. I must say, if the Speckled Obovata is half as pretty as this Speckled Kerrii I found, I will be de-lighted!

I'm not familiar w/ that vendor, so I'll look 'em up, thanks again.

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