Three new hoyas!

Klea(4b)October 27, 2012

Yesterday I got a package with three rooted hoyas inside. H. kerri 'Albomarginata', H. lasiantha and H. curtisii. The kerri and lasiantha has been on my wish list for a long time! The kerri was a bit dehydrated, but plumped up again after getting a shower and a good night's sleep in a humid aquarium. The curtisii looked like it wasn't doing too well, it was rooted in sphagnum moss, and the moss was really wet. I cut off all I could use as cuttings, and I'm hoping both the cuttings and the plant will make it. The lasiantha was a bigger plant with two vines clipped on to a wire hanger, I made a couple of cuttings from one of the vines. I'm so excited to finally have these beauties! Here are some pictures:

H. kerii 'Albomarginata'

H. lasiantha

H. curtisii

H. lasiantha cuttings

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The lasiantha looks a little rough with the yellow patches, but I think you're on the right track with it. The curtisii looks very good to me - but it is one that likes to be dry, so I think you did good there, too. The variegated kerrii looks GREAT. Of course, I'm a sucker for everything kerrii... For me, this one is a SLOWWW grower, but every new little leaf nubbin is a joy. You wonder, "how pretty will THIS new leaf be? How much variegation will it have?"

Where did you get your new plant babies?

Denise in Omaha

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Now if only I could find a kerrii in town... *adds to list*


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I love curtisii, tiny heart strands! I agree with Denise the Kerri I have that is variegated is slower than the plain leaf Kerri. I am sure you will do just fine with all of them Klea.
~ Mary

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Denise: Yes, the yellow patches on the lasiantha worried me too, that's why I made cuttings - to have as backups in case the plant continues to yellow. The curtisii did have some healthy looking vines, I cut them off and made cuttings of them, because the look of the rest of the plant made me think there might be some problems with the root system. I just love the kerrii, the leaves are so beautiful and I can't wait to see it grow! Too bad it's a slow grower. Do you have a picture of your kerrii?

Planto: I've wanted the variegated kerrii for some time, it's so nice to finally have one. I hope you'll find one too! It's such a cool plant.

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Mary: The curtisii leaves are so cute, 'tiny heart strands' is a great description! Too bad the kerrii is such a slow grower. Do you have a picture of your kerrii to share? Pretty please? : )

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Congratulations!! How very exciting. That's a very nice group.

I find that lasiantha leaves do spot (and often fall) when it gets annoyed (e.g. gets too dry), similar to multiflora. So, it doesn't surprise me tooo much that your plant looks like that after travel this time of year. I bet it's just stressed and it will bounce right back. But it will be nice to have a backup. I keep chickening out on taking cuttings of mine, but I don't know why since cuttings from ones own plants, that don't have to travel, always root so nicely.

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I'm hoping you're right - that the lasiantha will bounce back. It wasn't dry when I got it, but it might have been before shipping ... aaand I might have let it go dry since I got it. Just gave it a nice shower earlier today, hoping it hadn't become too dry. I love taking cuttings of my plants! It's one of my favorite things to do. I feel a bit more secure having a backup plant, and it also seems to make stubborn plants push out new growth. This time of year it can be a bit risky taking cuttings, but I just can't help myself. I love it too much... Besides I always have better luck with cuttings than established plants, the rooted ones are much more difficult to acclimate to my growing conditions.

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I think many have the same experience with plants that are started in their own conditions doing better, including myself.

I don't necessarily think your lasiantha got too dry - that is just what has stressed mine out and caused spotting, historically. Lasiantha isn't very temperamental, though, so it's highly infrequent. However, travel stresses most thin leafed Hoyas.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. But you definitely took a very nice big green cutting, so you're in great shape.

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OK got a picture of both kerrii on here the variegated is being supported at this time by the other plants as it is getting top heavy. It has four shoots on it and when the leaf forms it is greener and then turns into a more solid white/pink. Under grow lights and I need more space for it to expand! ~ Mary

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