Chipmunks eating off hosta

idighosta(4 WI)May 29, 2010

Just got out the trap to catch the little critter. As I was working in the hosta I saw the cute little chipmunk.

He gave me a funny look then chewed off leaves of a couple hosta and tried to wrestle and smash another plant. I notice some other plants looking awful, and sure enough chipmunk teeth marks! He doesn't seem so cute any more! He's taking a trip!

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Get much rain lately? I've noticed they chew on plants when there isn't water available. You might try a shallow bowl of water on the group.
I was just outside and saw a darn vole with such a fat body, I thought it was a chippie at first. I was ready to whack him with the shovel, but he ran off into the woods.

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"Whack-A-Vole" never get tired of that game -- lol.

Chippers been all around my house - not much garden damage - beware if they setup in your garage.


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Everytime I mention to anyone around here that chipmunks are eating my plants they look at me like I'm an idiot and tell me chipmunks don't eat plants. I'm glad to hear someone caught one in the act and maybe I'm not quite as dumb as I look.

Totally Confused

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

You probably aren't confused. But,the only thing they do around here is dig holes,sometimes near a hosta,so I have to watch that they don't expose the roots to air and cause the plant to dry out. They,and squirrels are something I have to live with,because they were here before me! Phil

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Chipmunks dont eat plants....but they will chew if water is in short supply...
The answer is either you have a different animal or they are just chewing for water....put out water for the critters and they will leave your plants alone.

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sandykk(z6 MD)

We always have chipmunks around, they will dig for small bulbs, but haven't had any trouble with them eating my hostas. They hang out under the bird feeder mostly. My cats eventually get them all though. Another one delivered to the door yesterday. Poor fellow, I warned him to take off. I can only rescue them so many times. They really are dumb animals.

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Caught my cat with rested, it was released, it yelled bloody murder when it saw me filling the bird-feeders this morning. It's still cute. No problems with them pillaging my hosta's.
Or any other plants either. Am considering a dish of water. We got a small water fountain that bubbles up thru rocks so I wouldn't find any suprises. Still in the box, too hot to dig the hole here the last couple of days. Altho I have high hopes for Thursday!

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idighosta(4 WI)

Thanks for the thoughts. Terrible chipmunk damage (I saw him actually chew on the stems of others) to my beautiful Regal Splendor. I did catch one in a trap tonight and walked him into the woods about 1/2 mile away. Hope that was far enough. I will set out a dish of water tonight and see if that helps.

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