Hummingbird visits my porch:)

Eric580August 1, 2012

Yesterday a hummingbird came onto my porch and hovered between the wooden bars and tried to drink nectar from a struggling geranium! This monrning I re-potted the geranium to keep it alive for the hummingbird. I hope she returns!

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I have a hummingbird garden Blossom Designer:),but I awlways like learning about new hummer plants. A few days ago the hummingbird came to the porch again. My cat was sleeping under the rocking chair only a few feet from her! Luckily, the only creatures my cat attacks are bees, but every once and a awhile he'll bring us a small mammal. The geranium is looking healthy and will be overwintering indoors:)

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I hope you'll have the patience to view & read. I recently put this album together for my grand-daughters as they get so excited over my observations on these itty-bitty wisps of RTHB & I try to capture on dig-cam for them! They get even more excited when they come for visits & get to observe them as well!!!

They are not as plentiful as some sites we have visited but these ones we feel so personally attached to.


Here is a link that might be useful: RTHB under our Iowa Skies

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ditas, those pictures are beautiful! I love them!

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

wonderful pictures. I love to see them perch.

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