Question on Ball Complete Books 'Singapore Chili Sauce' Recipe

jbmiaDecember 1, 2010

The recipe calls for "chopped" hot chili peppers and raisins (+ other ingredients)...

My question is, as long as I've measured out my ingredients as is indicated in the recipe.. so 4 cups "chopped" peppers and 1.5 cups raisins... Could I then use a food processor to mince the solid ingredients a bit so this is really more of a sauce than a relish?

To state this another way, is okay to mince the peppers and raisins really, really, really fine or do they "need" to be just chopped in larger pieces to ensure it is a safe recipe?

Thanks to anyone who can clarify on this...


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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

The size of pieces is important in canning recipes for density issues. It is part of the safety.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I agree. Prepare and can the recipe as written.
However, you can easily toss it in the food processor once opened and it'll store in the fridge for quite awhile as "sauce".


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