Early morning crowd

hummersteveAugust 22, 2009

Was up early today after the rain and captured these. It appears they have a new fav feeder. I fill the first nature full to the top and it is empty by nightfall, at least the last 3 days.

at least 5 in this shot, maybe 3 males

at least 5 here too

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Wow! Lucky you. Are they like this all day at your feeder?

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No not all day but they seem to be steadily feeding as the first nature is already empty, getting ready to leave will have to refill wont be back till late. I have been switched for about a week now at a 1:3 ratio and domino pure cane only.

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Great photos Steve! Mine have a "fav" as well, but it's not the 209 but the old pp with 4 perches. I think it's the location they like, not necessarily the feeder, although it's hung side by side (not too close) to the pp209 and another 4 perch pp. Underneath the "fav" is a First Nature on a shepherd's hook stuck in a large planter. The other station in front of the kitchen window has several styles.

BTW, I spotted 2 or 3 new males early this morning. Got a question for you. Why is it that during bad weather and immediately after, activity at the feeders really increases? Yesterday afternoon, after a severe thunderstorm, it looked as though my population had tripled! Not as many today....

It appears your feeders remain busy...I don't blame them for wanting to hang around your place!

Thanks again for sharing your pics.


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we've had an unusually cold and rainy summer here in nw central michigan, but have steadily had 15 hummingbirds busy between two nearby feeders. They are consuming at least a half gallon of syrup everyday and I have to have a new batch at the ready at all times. I wouldn't dare go away for a day!!! going to miss them when they go. they are right at my bay window on the lake side, so they are the center of attraction...

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Donna--- I really dont have an answer to your question unless they just sense an urgency to feed all they can because of the storm , sorta like fish that will bite better just before and even during rain. Yes , I agree location is more important that the actual feeder although the feeder does play a part. Today before I left I noted both rear feeders nearly empty so I brought those in to clean and refill and boy you should of seen the devil they gave me. There must have been 10 or 12 hummers fluttering along the slider where the feeders hung and tweeting their little heads off staring in at me , like "whats going on, how can you do this to us, wheres our food". I even added the 50oz artline that I had out last year since the activity has picked up so much. And tomorrow I will be gone fishing all day so I wont be there to refill.

beaglemom-- the activity has picked up here lately to where Im sure Im using at least a half a gallon a day also and it may increase before the action dies down here. They are keep me busy. I have 96oz ready for them for tomorrow hopefully that will hold them till I get home late tomorrow night.

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

You must have more than 15 birds. I have about 5 and they hardly drink enough to lower the levels of my feeders at all. Seriously, my pp209 goes down at most an eighth of an inch a day, the others not even noticeable.

1/2 gallon a day, wow!

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

Ditto what eigdeh said. I had some birds coming to the feeder all day yesterday and they only drank about 0.5 ounces. I would think it would take dozens of birds to drink 0.5 gallons(64 oz).

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It's been a while since I've posted as where I am for the summer months I've only had one visit and that has been it.. now I'll be getting ready to head down to Florida first of Oct... gosh I've missed those darlings..but sure hope I will get some company again... HummerSteve your pictures are amazing and really make me envious.. but I don't know about the 1/2 gallon holy hannah that's a lot of cookin....

God Bless


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hummersteve, I agree with the others - got to be more than 15. Mine are up to 1 gal/day, and using the 4-5 multiple guide, I've got 50-60.

This was my early evening crowd today. A few more were at the PVC feeder about 20 feet away...

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Guess Im not sure where you guys think I said it was 15 hummers actually that was beaglemom that said that. Barbzeee yeah youre right I didnt use a half gallon [64oz] I just refilled the large feeders 62oz. and I didnt even refill the small oneport feeders. And you guys are correct it takes a biggy bunch of hummers to drain that much liquid. How many do I have, I dont know. Not as many as ctnchpr thats for sure. But I have more than my share.

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