there is a Hoya Sulawesii at lowes

stevenwayne(6 sw)October 24, 2009

is it a good hoya to add to the collection its only 9 bucks which isn't bad

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

If it's an EA Hoya, it's likely a mislabeling for what's really the Hoya DS-70 also known as Tsangii. If you don't already have it, sure, why not? Just so long as you know it's unlikely to really be Sulawesi.

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stevenwayne(6 sw)

i already ahave ds 70 i checked onlne to see if that was it

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Look up Hoya brevialata and Hoya incurvula. From what I have read the one with round leaves is supposed to be Hoya brevialata and the one with pointed leaf tips Hoya incurvula, not sure how accurate that is. Both of these species can be found on the island of Sulawesi but there is no actual species called Hoya sulawesi.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


You didn't answer if it's an EA plant or not. If so, I myself have experienced them selling Tsangii (DS-70) under both names H sulawesi & H brevialata. I believe it to be neither, just Tsangi/Ds-70, nice enough plant.

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I bought an EA labelled sulawesii, and it is H. brevialata. :)

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You're lucky, the Lowes by my house doesn't have any different hoyas. They only have carnosa or compacta most of the time. They seem to think people only like ivy or ferns so that is what they stock, especially now. They have moved the poor plants to the back of the greenhouse and are ignoring them because of the Christmas stuff. I prefer the plants over the fake Christmas trees.

If I were you I would buy it at that cheap price. I have paid more for plants on ebay that are very small.

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Here's mine after repotting. I wasn't too sure what it was, but thought it looked like the cute one Pug posted a month or so ago with the white and yellow blooms.

Carolyn - your plant looks nice and full!!

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Hi, I have both EA plants DS-70 (tsangii) and brevialata (labeled as sulawesii). These were taken awhile ago, both are quite a bit bigger now. Hoping the H. brevialata will bloom soon. I see you have DS-70 in the background as well, Carolyn. . .

H. DS-70

H. brevialata


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