If they were same price would you buy AA 15.5 qt. or Presto 16 qt

elisa_z5December 16, 2013

I searched the archives on this forum and read all the discussions about which pressure canner is the best -- and I see that the All American is considered the "cadillac" and the Presto the best value for the money.

BUT then some people say they still prefer using their Presto, even when they own both.

So, if price were not a consideration (and I realize this is a hypothetical question) which one would you want? I'm comparing the two small-ish ones since they both take 7 quart jars, and should be lighter to handle than the bigger ones where you can stack pint jars (something I don't need to do)

Which is easier to operate? Which is safer? Which do you like better?

Thanks, in advance, for all advice!

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AA is heavier, but it's nice that it doesn't require a gasket. I'd think it would last longer since it's heavier/thicker walls. BUT...I own one (a vintage one) and decided to buy a new Presto instead b/c I have a glass top stove. I also have been losing upper body strength the past few years (not to mention an old rotator cuff injury and arthritis in that shoulder).

You really have to decide according to your own circumstances - and price is not the same, even though I did hear that Amazon had some very good deals on the AA last year, and probably will this year too (AA will likely be 2-3x as much as Presto).

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I've buy the Presto hands down. I don't know about the AA, but I don't like the metal on metal without gasket. I also don't like 'turn buckle' fasteners, I don't know if AA is still using them or not.

I know there are others that use the AA and love it, but I'm not one of them. My Presto and Mirro are great. My Mirro is an antique, but still does great and the gaskets are easy to get.

I would advise to either buy one with weights instead of a gauge. The weights will say a 3 weighted weight. Not a 1 weight weight.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I am one who has both and prefer using the Presto simply because it is easier to monitor the weight for me. The Presto is milled to rattle slowly but continuously when at pressure. Usually only 1 small heat adjustment is needed.

The AA weight is milled so it has to be timed to 3-4 rattles per minute when at pressure. I just don't like having to stand there and count the rattles and adjust the heat and count again etc. Plus the heat adjustments increase the chances of siphoning.


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Thanks, everyone, for explaining your specific reasons.

This is such a whole new world, and I have no background in it. My grandparents buried cabbages in a hole covered with straw, and my parents bought food from the store. :)

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You can still bury cabbages, with straw. A barrel works well for that. We never did it, but I have books about substitute root cellars.

You'll get it, and then you'll be hooked like the rest of us.

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I love my All-American. Did take a bit of getting used to. The Presto ones are perfectly safe and they are much cheaper dollar wise, but I sure do like supporting American industries whenever I can.

My AA will never wear out, never need a gasket, came with a weight, and I guess I'm just tuned into the rattles per minute - I usually adjust once on an outdoor propane stove. I don't usually have to pressure can anything indoors - I have a commercial gas range, so I don't know anything about glass top stoves.

To each his/her own likes/budget/stove top capabilities.

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