April showers brings May hosta (pics) 3

franknjimMay 6, 2012

Dark Shadows. One of my favs.

Guacamole. It's growing on me.

Band of Gold. Looking forward to this one maturing.

I bought it after seeing this one at Hornbaker Gardens last year. It is strange that their plant marker has that it was planted in 2004. You would think that it would be a little bigger by now if that is the original one they planted. It is from 'Dorothy Benedict' x hypoleuca.

Twilight. Has been slow. One eye added in three years.

Atlantis. Patiently waiting for it to get huge. Just planted all of this last years so I can't complain too much. Lemon Lime, Golden Tiara & Golden Scepter around it.

Patriot's Fire. Last year this was quite ugly. This year it is making me look. Most of the leaves have a very thin white edge.

Lakeside Love Affaire leaf. This one only has three eyes. One that I wish that I had planted a few together.

Orange Marmalade. Holding the color well so far.

Fringe Benefit. The margins turn white on this one.

Alvatine Taylor. Looking forward to this getting huge.

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evermore_gw z 4/5 NB

All of them beautiful, and Dark Shadows especially so. Gotta have that one.


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Dark Shadows comes up like this but quickly darkens up. This pic was taken three weeks ago.

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Cher(6 SW OH)

Beautiful photos. Dark Shadows did change a lot for you over a short period of time. It is a beautiful Hosta.

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Love dark Shadows - mine is still a baby, got it as TC last year and it is bigger. but not spectacular like yours yet. And I have to go on a hunt in my garden. I know I bought Twilight, but I don't remember seeing it so far this year.... all great pictures!


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My Twilight is a pretty powder blue right now even though it doesn't show it in the pic.

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jan_on zone 5b

Frank -- that circular bed with 'Atlantis' in the middle is quite spectacular. I have a tiny Atlantis, planted rather close to a Sum and Substance. Wrong, right?

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Atlantis is supposed to grow up to 5' wide. Hopefully once the Atlantis grows in it will hang over the top of the Golden Scepter.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

There aren't even words for that round garden you have.. I generally expect to pay admission to see things like that ;)

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I threw that round bed together last year after seeing a few formal circular beds on here. I bought the six eyed Atlantis last year and already had a bunch of the others. I planted about 15 small clumps of Golden Scepter, 30 of Golden Tiara and 60 of Lemon Lime. The plus side of propagating the old stuff too much. I still have a couple dozen pots full of it plus quite a few clumps of them spread out as temporary fillers.

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Frank, the picture above gives enough surrounding detail to notice the stepping stone border. It is like a big flower with the outer rim of plain flat petals....a big sunflower with a hosta heart to it. Seen in its entirety, it is super impressive.

I noticed another stack of planted pots, a tower, and like it. Do you have a bar or something down the middle to keep it from tipping over? Or is it necessary at all? What a great way to present the smaller hosta and companion plants with a big floral display!

Are you a garden designer? So much talent!

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The stack of pots is pretty heavy so there is nothing down the center. I think the bottom pot is 20" and the top pot is 6".

I put the round bed in a few years ago when I was just getting back into gardening. All of the grass is gone now and it is all hosta. The only garden design that I do is I get a whim and throw something together as I go. I don't plan anything.

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