organic cane sugar okay???

emmachas_gwAugust 23, 2008

Out of white sugar. Need a veteran feeder to okay organic cane sugar mixed at the same 4:1 ratio. I don't want to bring any harm to my hummers. Also don't want to dash to the grocery if not absolutely necessary!

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It doesn't matter by what method it's grown - organically or with commercial fertilizers - as long as it's 'refined white sugar'. It has to be 'refined white sugar', with no hint of color, which would indicate that it still has molasses. Not 'confectioners powdered', not light brown, not dark brown, not 'natural', but granulated 'refined white sugar'. Now "git up" & go to the store if you don't have 'refined white sugar'!!!

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Thanks for your quick response, ctnchpr. I'm gittin' & goin'! Was worried when my organic nectar turned a beautiful golden amber. Glad I heard from you before I put out the buffet!!

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