New Favorite Hummingbird Plant

rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7August 17, 2011

Thought I'd start a new thread rather than piggy back on an old one. I didn't see Angelonia mentioned, so I thought I'd rave about it a little bit.

I haven't grown it before, so when my husband brought a flat home this spring, I was a little skeptical. We needed something for a blazing hot, full sun location where it probably wouldn't get a whole lot of attention and precious little watering. Oh, I shouldn't forget the red, clay soil.

This plant has far exceeded any expectations I had, performing beautifully in the hot Alabama sun without flinching once. It never requires deadheading and has been completely pest free (though we aren't plagued much anyway). The hummers flit from the backyard feeders and flowers to these front yard Angelonia all day long.

Ours are a pretty purple, but they come in every shade of pink, lavender, deep purple, and white.

Angelonia is a tender perennial, typically used AS an annual in most parts of the temperate world. Pronounced : an jel OWE nee ya. (I put that in there because dearest, funny husband totally messes up the name every time. I think he does it on purpose, lol.)

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Im glad this plant works well for you but I have tried snapdragon types here and hummers ignore it here. But hummers react differently in different areas it seems.

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Another new plant that Ive found this season that works well for hummers is "Wendy's Wish" but is best in a pot. It also fared well in this summers heat wave. Hummers seem to like it quite well putting it in my top 5 this year.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

I'm growing angelonia too this year. Haven't noticed any hummer activity on it. They do use the Cat's Whiskers and agastaches that are planted nearby.

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I was so surporised tonite I had gone out and hung a clean feeder and soon came a couple hummers when I went into house I looked out and these hummers were flying around my naked ladies. I sure didn't know they liked them

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My firecracker plant is my good ole stand-bye. With that said, little visitor surprised me and answered a couple of questions I had by feeding on my white crepe myrtle and the rangoon creeper.

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