Volunteer Seedlings

Gesila(MI Z5)May 6, 2013

Do you weed out your seedlings or keep them? I keep all mine. I'm surprised at some I put in the woods last year are showing color on their edges and some are even starting to ruffle.

Share your pictures of volunteer seedlings!

Here's two of my favorite volunteer seedlings that are new this year:

Yellow seedling with good substance:

I like the color and shape of this one, substance isn't as good:


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Gesila, I've never had any seedlings yet, but I am certainly looking forward to someday seeing them in the planting beds, peeking up out of the soil. Your gold one is really cool, I hope it keeps it's color for you. Please show us more pics when it gets bigger! I will hope for many honeybees in my Hosta beds this year...

Don B.

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bernd ny zone5

I have my seedlings come up from last year. I hope that last year's streaker seedlings are still streaked. Here is a picture from last fall, yellow seedlings hosta 'Starboard Light' and a yellow 'Big John'.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

These are Blue Mammoth seedlings,not too far down the hill from the parent plant. I'm going to let them grow right where they are for awhile,to get better roots. Phil

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Keep all my seedlings? Indeed, I wish!

Maybe something will show up and I'll be happy happy. Let's see, a lot of small yellow seedlings come up, heavy substance, really coarse leaf,.....and they all looked a lot like.....STUD MUFFIN!! ..... Mama!...........Papa???!......

I thought a potential sport on Masquerade was excitement enough around my house! Now I'm starting to think about SEEDLINGS...!!....hehehehehe

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squirejohn zone4 VT

So far I've kept most of mine as I have space enough and most are too small to determine if they are worth keeping. I;ve also tossed some plain green ones.

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Ludi _PA_7a

Elegans needs to be renamed âÂÂFertile Mertleâ !!!

The three Matron clumps have hoards of their offspring littered throughout the front yard.

When they get to be a decent size, I transplant them to the backyard. They are left to their own devises and receive no additional care from me.

This year they all came back . . . bigger !

I may need to start culling or IâÂÂll end up with a field of Elegans.

Oh who am I kidding, that sounds amazing. A sea of blue/green . . . ::eyes glaze over::

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Ludi, you have the timing of a natural comic! And you do it with written word unassisted by voice inflections. Love a line well delivered. :)

"Oh who am I kidding," you are right. If I had a hosta multiplying like Elegans, I'd love it.

You can always think about colonizing the entire neighborhood. Stroll down the street with a slingshot and a pocketful of Elegans seeds. Shoot a few seeds into a tree and let them fall down naturally into a flower bed. Nature will do the rest.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Wow Ludi, Elegans sure has left a litter of little babies!

Here's a seedling I found the other day. My first Blue and Green seedling.

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I have my first seedling this year. Just a tiny green(or maybe blue-green), but it does have several leaves on it. No idea who parents are, it is kinda near Royal Standard, Regal Splendor, August Moon, Pacific Blue Edger. Who knows. I thought I would just leave it where it is for now and see what it does. Don't have a pic, but must remember to document this occasion!

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Ludi, I agree with you....Elegans produces lots of volunteer seedlings for me as well.

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HostaHosta, please remember to document this occasion. Maybe one day, you'll recognize the proud parents. Keep the usual suspects close to their orphan offspring until then.

Gee, always something going on in hosta-world. Let us know what is going on. Gotta be a lot of bed jumping going on among all those rampant hosta! ;)

(I started to ask a question that somehow came to mind, "Is there a H. 'Peyton Place'? .......but I decided not to.)

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I am pretty sure this is a seedling as it has no label or is it listed on my hosta list for that bed. There is a Raspberry Sundae a few feet away that looks very close to this little guy? SO, I am "assuming" this is a seedling??


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Jon 6a SE MA


Raspberry Sundae is listed as having no viable seeds. Maybe something else?


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Very blessed,anything is possible. Remember,99.99% of all seedlings are plain green,but there's always that 1 % that isn't. I have blue seedlings,and my Korean Snow has produced a variegated seedling. Also,I have many seedlings from Cinnamon Sticks,that are several different colors,one of which is blue green,and is way bigger than the parent plant. It is one of my favorites,and I've been growing it for several years. I have yet another that is green,but it is bigger than the parent,and even has the same petioles,and these all came from the same batch of seeds! Phil

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I thought that would be odd to get a seedling like that, I am going to have to "dig" around and see if I could have possibly planted something there and forgot to made a note of it.

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bernd ny zone5

I have blue volunteer seedlings always coming up, probably from 'Blue Umbrellas'. I like their big round blue leaves.
From the seedlings I grew the 2011-2012 winter some did not come up, that is the yellow 'Big John' and several streaked seedlings succumbed to last winter. With all these seedlings, gardens become too crowded.

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