I love autumn - buds and flowers!

Klea(4b)October 3, 2012

So, guess what I found hiding away in between vines and leaves in my H. australis? A big flower bud!! This is a first time bloomer for me, I bought the plant a year and a half ago. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that I'll see flowers in a week or two. Yay!

But that's not all. I've got to show off my budding H. linearis (which I've been waiting for all summer, it has had tiny buds since June), and H. retusa. Here are some pictures:

H. linearis

H. retusa

Wait! There's more! H. cumingiana deserves a little tribute too, after all she's been faithfully pushing out flowers since May. Here she is:

Ok, almost done - I promise! Just ONE more picture... Good old H. carnosa is smiling down at me from her her spot in the window, her perfume spreading through the room. She's a classy lady!

Thank you for your patience scrolling through all those pictures! I just couldn't hold it all in, I had to share some of my hoya happiness! LOL

Anybody else got flowering or budding hoyas to share photos of? I would love to see them!!

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Klea! These pictures are so neat! Your plants are so healthy and the buds are amazing. I really hope you post more when they are fully opened. Congratulations! I love the waxy look of the australis. ~ Mary

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Oh, lovely, Klea! I'm ever so happy to look through your long list of pictures. xD In fact, this is my fourth time since last night.

I especially like that you opted to photograph fresh cumingiana buds next to dead ones. I always feel like those curling sepia stars look too pretty to toss in the trash. Can't you just imagine some multimedia art piece using them?

Something like this, only with a darker theme.

Source: Anne ten Donkelaar: www.mymodernmet.com

But the photo I keep coming back to is your first linearis photograph. Did you ever capture what is beautiful about this Hoya! The buds look like diamonds caught in a rushing rapids.

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Thank you both Mary and GG. I just had to share my hoyas with someone! LOL I've been away this weekend and when I came back the australis buds had opened! Such lovely flowers, and such lovely scent. Reminds me a bit of roses, but it's a kind of soapy scent too. It's very pleasant. : )

Here they are:

Oh, and OT - Why does it say, in the first post to this thread, that I live in zone 10?? It keeps changing back to zone 10 even though I've tried sooo many times to write zone 4b!! I have to change it back to 4b every post I write. Why? Why?? And another issue I have with the GardenWeb forum is with the member profile. It is determined to change my year of birth to 1972 - that's not right ... I'm 10 years younger, but it just wont believe me! What's going on?? Huh? Why won't my profile page let me make any changes? (end rant)

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If you are having trouble saving changes to your zone and your birth year on your profile page, I'm not sure what the problem is. Sometimes these forums can get wonky and when you Google procedure for repairing it, it's way over my head.

Make sure you are hitting "save" after you make the changes and... maybe try resetting your cookies, then logging in again, before making the changes. If that doesn't work, you'll have to contact an admin and explain the error you are encountering and let them sort it out. I don't think anyone else can see the age you list on your profile, so at least there's that. ;) We can just see your birthday.

Lovely australis! That's a great description of the fragrance - well done. Those photographs are just lovely. I'm so happy that you're having such a good season for flowers.

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The bloom is lovely Klea! I can imagine the scent from your description. I have had an australis for two years and finally came out with new growth. I hope to see the same here some day! I too had some troubles editing and GG gives good advice. I sent a message to Gardenweb and they came back with some links for me to make changes not found easily by me. They can be of good help if you contact them for things like this. ~ Mary

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Thank you GG and Mary for advice on editing the member profile. Clearing cookies didn't work, so I'll try to contact an GW andmin.

Since I posted the previous post I discovered that linearis and retusa has opened their buds too. So I'll include pictures of them as well. Here they are:

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WOW - these photos knock my sox off! Can't wait for the day I have my own bloom photos to post. Congrats!

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Thank you OMB, when spring comes I'm sure you'll have plenty of flowers! : )

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Gorgeous photos, Klea! Every time you share a photo I thank my lucky stars that some people aren't lazy about getting the camera out (or even repaired... >_> <_>_>)

Really nice job on getting a good retusa photo. I thought it was vitiensis for half a beat.

:) :)

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Klea - beautiful pictures, beautiful buds, beautiful flowers. You just made my day.

I returned home after two weeks of traveling and found my retusa blooming for the first time now!


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Thank you for your kind comment, GG. : ) It's nice to have a place where hoya stuff is appreciated. My friends and family aren't all that interested. LOL I think I've worn them out with all my hoya talk.

rennfl: Thank you! And congratulations on the retusa flowers! Don't they smell just heavenly? Like a Gardenia jasminoides - only not quite such a heavy smell, fresher and more fruity in a way. Imagin how a full cluster of flowers would smell! It's too bad the flowers appear "one by one". Do you have pictures to share? I would love to see them! : )

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Klea, yes what a wonderful frangrance it has. As for pics, I just updated this one on my blog - I've got a couple pics of it there. www.orchidsnhoyas.blogspot.com


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Ooooh! Your retusa is so beautiful!! It's got a lot more flowers and buds than mine does - mine only got two. : )

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Hi Klea, those are AWESOME pictures!!! Congratulations on so many Gorgeous blooms. Those pictures could be used in a book they are so good. You have some really healthy plants! And it's time for them to reward you :)! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thank you for your very kind comment, teisa! My hoyas are really showing off these days. And some of them are first time bloomers, which is always exciting!!

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Love the blog, Renee! Thanks for sharing. :)

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