alba_gardenerOctober 8, 2012

Hi Guys,

I also received some baby (3)Pachychlada's from Sue.

But I haven't been so lucky at keeping them alive. I have one survivor and it's not looking good. I tried so many different ways to keep her alive but it's looking bad. She only has two leaves and one is already shriveling up. I saw some of the pictures some of you posted Wow I couldn't believe how beautiful your Pachychlada's are What happened to mine?

alba in Hawthorne,CA

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Are you saying they were seedlings, or did you root cuttings? If seedlings, I can't help you because very young seedlings, for me, are hard to grow. I can't honestly say I've every had a young seedling make it. But if you're talking a cutting, I'd uproot it and see what's going on with the roots. Please give us more info...

Denise in Omaha

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Alba you need to give more useful info when asking a question, otherwise we can't really help you.
How did you treat the seedlings? Water and light are the two biggest factors. Small plants or seedlings need more water than an established plant would. Good strong light but not direct sun so that they don't burn. You want to be sure they have enough light or they will be weak and more likely to be damaged.


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Sue sent me 3 baby plants with roots. You know, I didn't even think to take a look at the roots to see what might be going on...thanks, going to do that right now! Thanks.

@ Mike, Sorry I wasn't clear. They were 3 very small baby Pachychlada plants. Two died a few weeks after I received them and the last one is on it's last leaf.. I tried everything you mentioned... I wonder if I used the wrong soil mixture? I potted them in the same hoya mixture that I use for all my other hoyas (perlite/orchid bark mixed in regular potting soil. Was that my mistake?
I'm going to do what Denise suggested and take the plant out of the pot and check her roots...
Thanks, Denise and Mike for offering your help and advice.

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