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klyde(8)November 26, 2010

Hi all

I have a pest question. I am fairly certain one of my hoyas has root mealies. I have heard that BATS is good for this although not available in Canada. I haven't attempted to order it from eBay as I don't feel like losing 50 bucks if it gets taken at the border. So here's my question: would diatomaceous earth work if watered into the 'soil'? I tried a wee bit a while back just to see if there would be any detrimental effects to the plant. Nothing happened, but then I didn't use very much. Any thoughts?

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Because mealy bugs have that waxy coating they are most likely not affected by diotamaceous earth. DE does not hurt plants, I actually add diatomite to my potting mixes instead of perlite.
I would recommend using a systemic insecticide. I lost over half my Stapeliad collection to root mealies and after trying every other control method I managed to save some plants when I broke down and got some Bayer Advance systemic. I tried neem drenches, soapy water drenches, insecticidal soap etc but none of them worked at all.


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I know we've had this conversation...guess I'll have to give it a try with the BATS. Maybe it will make its way through. The little %$#@ers are on Mathilde, which I dearly love. Likely on others as well. I loathe mealybugs. Thanks for the help with my other query btw. (pity about the Neem - it's being touted as the cure-all for so much, but not apparently, root mealies)

Kelly in Victoria

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Kelly there is one thing you can try if it's only a couple of plants that has a good chance of working. Take a sink or bucket and fill with warm soapy water, completly immerse the pot and potting mix plus the plant if it fits and leave sit for a couple of hours. The soapy water will decrease the surface tension of the water which will not allow air bubble to stick to the mealies and they will drown. I could not use this method when I had the problem with root mealies because my Stapeliads were dormant/dry and they would have rotted. Dunking a Hoya for a few hours would not hurt it a bit as long as it drys out afterwards. I think this would be best done when the plant is dryish because the potting mix is going to end up very wet for a few days.

Good luck.


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Will do. I'll use liquid Ivory. Condolences on your stapeliads...

Thanks M

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