My First Hummer Pictures

cinci1994(N.Ont Z3)August 8, 2009

This my first attempt at pictures of the hummers in my yard. Not as good as some others I've seen but they make me happy.

This one is hard to see as he blends in with the greens.

They seem to like my clothesline

Last but not least

Thank you for looking. I have more but don't want to bore everyone. I will miss them when they are gone.

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Beautiful pics and I, for one, will never get bored seeing all the great photos of these little jewels.

Thanks for did a great job!


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Hey, those are good shots. Better than mine. Thanks for sharing. Everyone likes new hummer photos.

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Very nice=it is so exciting to get their pictures.

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Nothing wrong with those shots, nice color mix, good job.

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