Two Day Binge Extended to Three Days

Gesila(MI Z5)May 24, 2014

Walter's Gardens had a plant sale in their parking lot today. The proceeds from the sale went to to Paradise Bound Ministries to help fund a trip to Haiti where they will be helping rebuild damage caused by the earthquake.

The total bill came to $42. I rounded up and wrote the check for $45. Here's what I got:

These were $1.00 each:
2 American Heros (2 eyes each)
5 Junes (1 eye each)
3 Devil's Advocates (1 with 2 eyes and 2 with single eyes)
3 After Glows (singe eyes)
5 Rain Forest Sunrise (2 eyes each)
2 Liberties (single eyes)
2 Fragrant Blues (single eyes)

These were $5.00 each:

2 Hudson Bays
2 Seducers

I gave most of them away as gifts. These are the 2 After Glow's and Devil Advocates I kept for myself:

Both Seducer's were at least 7 or 8 eyes each, here's the one I kept, it's larger than the one that has been in my garden for three years:

Here's the Hudson Bay I kept. The one I gave to a friend was slightly larger.


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sandysoil_2008(6 MA)

WOW! What a haul! Wish I lived closer.

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What a great deal! The plants all look like they are a good size.

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Boy that Hudson Bay is huge. All of them look great.

I hope lots of folks take advantage of the sale, for a good cause and some fun gifting something worth having to others.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

I gave my mom three Junes and three Rain Forest Sunrises. I couldn't get her to take the Hudson Bay home. I got a call from her later in the evening telling me that she now wanted Hudson Bay. She was so happy with the ones she planted, she wanted more! I think I might have enabled her!


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Great haul! Wish I could luck out on deals like that, with hostas I could count on as being HVX free.

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mary4b(4b WI)

I am GREEN with hosta envy! Wow, what a Seducer! I just bought one with 2 eyes.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Gesila, Looks like you hit the jackpot! Nice plants! It's nice to see I am not the only one with no self-control.


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Gesila, Excellent buys and I am pretty much drooling over those beauties. I am only 3 hours away and visit MI from time to time and I should plan to visit Walters Garden. I have been trying to find out more but their website really does not show they are open for retails.

Talking about enablers. There are so many of you here in this forum. Thank you.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

wow all great plants. I have bought hostas as gifts also. I love to surprise myself with the gift of hosta. Paula

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