Passion fruit harvesting

subtrop(10b)December 3, 2012

Thought I'd share todays harvest since they were so colorful. Those are 3 different "yellow" edulis(flavicarpa) varieties and the best tasting are the small dark red ones.

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Nice looking passion fruit. I wish that they plants weren't so cold sensitive because I would like to have the vines around every year, not just during the years that I replant.

Do you make anything with the juice or just eat them with a spoon?


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Since I have them on the fence on 3 side of my property, this year was a lot of juice :-) I have a lot of frozen juice right now in ice cube shapes, ready to pop in drinks. I did make some ice pops and canned passion fruit glaze for cooking.
All my neighbors are happy because they get fruit and most of them are growing some themselves now. Flowering slowed down now, but fruit is still ripening for another couple of weeks. I'm battling spider mites on them now and that's a real war. It's so much square feet of leaves to spray (organic only pls)....omg...makes me tired just thinking about it.... The flower doesn't look like your usual edulis f. flavicarpa, the yellow passion fruit, but I have a couple of yellow crosses and one turned pretty pink lately.

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subtrop - I'm so jealous!!!! Very pretty.

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What self respecting bee could resist that beautiful flower I ask you?

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Lou - Funny thing...I have 5 bee hives and I have never seen a bee on any of my passion fruit flowers. I have had to hand pollinate every flower in order to get fruit.

subtrop - Do you hand pollinate your passion fruit flowers?


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Yes, I do, in the summer it takes me 30 - 45 minutes a day, depending on how many flowers are open. I have to bring the pollen from one plant to the other, since the yellow ones are not self fertile. And then I'm trying to crossbreed for flavor, so I hand pollinate and cover them with a plastic baggy. I do have a bees on them on some days during the summer, but only one kind. But if they come, there'll be like 4 of them in one flower being very happy ;-) The bees who like bidens alba for example won't go to the passion fruit flowers.

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, F

Must be nice being in Zone 10! My Maypop passionvines stopped blooming about a month and a half ago. Though I suppose if I had my vine on the south side of my shed instead of the north, it might be a different story. No fruit this year though as my vine is fairly young, first year, and it didn't attract any pollinators. I tried self-pollinating some of the blooms, but no luck. Maybe next year. Until then I'll just enjoy looking at ya'll's.

And after reading Subtrop's comment, now I know why self-pollination did not work. I only have the one Maypop at the moment. It appears I may need to get another unless my caerula decides to bloom next year.

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Leekle2ManE, if you do have a true maypop, passiflora incarnata, it should be able make set fruits with only 1 plant. They are self fertile. But not all pollinated flowers will make a fruit. If I pollinate , lets say 30 flowers, only about 2-6 will make it. So definitely have another go at it when it starts blooming again.

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, F

It is supposed to be a passiflora incarnata, and it definitely resembles all images I have seen of this plant so I feel fairly certain it is. However, the other plant I purchased at the time was supposed to be passiflora alata but turned out to be passiflora foetida. So yeah. I'm not exactly trusting that distributor. But, the leaves, bloom and stems of the incarnata look true to species, so I think that one is authentic.

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Beautiful. My attempts at pollination never worked..

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Sorry to hear pollinating didn't work out for you. Did you buy the plants at a nursery? If so, it might be identical plants from cuttings, that's how nurseries propagate them and you end up with 3 genetic copies. Therefore no fruits will come from them, no matter how often you go play bee ;-)

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I very much was pleased to read this information

I am a Canadian who has a winter home in Ft. Myers the past 13 years

Have developed through trial and error some knowledge of the differences in gardening in two very different climates

have a Passion FLower vine growing like crazy but the fowers are red. Lots of them.
Now I do love passion flower fruit and so much love the juice Years since I have had any of it other than the commercially canned stuff which is really not much good.
Now that I know I can grow the Passion flower here and easily I must try more of them
But, you re saying it is only from one variety that I might expect to have fruit. Is that correct?

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, F

There are a few varieties that produce fruit. But it would seem some of those need cross-pollination from another passionvine. Not a cutting from the same plant, since that is still considered the same plant, regardless of how far you plant them from each other. According to Subtrop, Maypop (Passiflora incarnata) can self-pollinate, which, if you have a red one, it is not Maypop. So in order to get fruit, you may need to get another passionflower vine. I would say post some pictures of your passionvine on the the Passiflora forum and get a positive ID then look it up and find out if it is fruit bearing.

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I had a "sweet sunrise" yellow passion fruit vine that I pollinated by hand. I only had one plant and I got fruit. Unfortunately, it is a very cold sensitive plant that will not survive the winter in my area.

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If you want it easy, yould try a purple variety (passiflora edulis), they are self pollinating and slightly hardier than the yellow ones (passiflora flavicarpa). If you get a yellow one, make sure it's a self pollinating one, because they rarely are. I do love the size of the yellow one, like the "brazilian golden/giant". They can get to 5-6 inches large and sure make a LOT of juice. So if you have the time to pollinate and want a lot of juice, a large fruiting yellow variety might work for you. Or try both ;-) If you're interested in cuttings, email me. I do have to cut back the vines monthly, and rooting the cuttings isn't too difficult with them.

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake, F

Subtrop, what is your success rate with cuttings? So far I have had only one successful Maypop rooting out of 10-12 attempts. No successes trying to root a cutting of Passifora caerula yet. Do you use rooting hormones?

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I'd say here it's about a 50% success rate. Better in spring and summer and lesser now. I don't use rooting powder, somehow I never had a better success rate with it on any plants. Either they root or least in my yard, that's their rules;-)
I did notice that if you take the tip of the vine, they are less likely to root, than if you take a cutting from the middle.

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thanks so much for directing some information to me, on this subject.
Gee the flowers are pretty on my red vine and it is just loving the location and active. Not so sure that I want to get to involved in the growing of this vine. My garden already overflows with treasures I have been working on/
And a friend up in Michigan, on my way down to Florida, gave me three very gorgeous Brugmansia plants to try/ My very favourite. Happy about that and that I did not have to worry about bringing any plants across the border. Which is a really big deal

Will the vines be runaway plant and really grow lengthy
I am here six months and have someone take care, but not much care, of the gardens when I am up north
Don't want the passion plant to run over some other plants that are less aggressive.

I would like to try none the less some of the vines you suggested.
You know gardeners, once you get some new idea in your mind, or a new, favourite plant, there is no satisfying one until you really give it a try

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They are very invasive and very fast growing "things". But try one nonetheless, because they can take a cutting back down to 5 inches and will come back without a problem. So you could do that before you leave. I just got rid of one I wasn't happy with. Cut back to 3 inches, turned the pot over and just dumped it. Today I see new growth on it....

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Thanks for the comments about how they are fast growing, as for being invasive I do not expect that to be a problem here.

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