Yellow leaves and spots

ValisaNovember 14, 2013

I have recently got back into Gardening, and well I have this Hoya that looks like this...pretty awful. Any ideas as to what's wrong?

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The leaves behind these, that are more in the shade, appear greener, and have less spots. However, they look like they are yellowing.

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You kind of identified the issue yourself by stating the leaves that are more in the shade appear greener and have less spots. The yellowing and spotting is caused by a lot of light; yours appears to be caused by direct sun (I don't believe the leaves will fall off, but appear a bit less attractive than you might like).


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looks like Erwinia carotovora bacterial leaf spot

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I don't know anything about the leaf spot HL refers to, but I think it does look washed out from too much sun. Put it in a shady spot and the leaves will green back up.

Denise in Omaha

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