hoya not blooming.....

kokoloba(DE / EU)November 2, 2005

hi hoya lovers!

my mom has a hoya for about 5 years now. in this time it has never bloomed. that is strange, because this hoya is soooooo big (it has 4 vines, each about 1 - 2 meters long), the leaves are beautiful (from what i could read here, it is probably h.pubicalyx - dark green leaves with white spots; but no bloom, no ID) and it was never attacked by insects or such. it seems she is happy with the way my mom is caring for her.

my mom propagated it a few times already for me and her friends- i have 2 of them and they are both growing very nicely.

what could be the reason that this healthy plant doesn´t bloom?

again, it is 5 years old and not 1 bloom until now. grrrr

help me please, so i can give my mom some tips.

thank you all.


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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

Some hoyas require some sun, or at least very strong light in order to bloom. Also you did not mention if she (or you) ever fertilize this plant. It helps a lot if add some general fertilizer during the year. In spring, up the fertilizer to a BLOOM one (the middle number is quite a bit higher).
A lot of factors go into wheather or not a hoya blooms. In the end...if it is happy and getting all the requirements, it will bloom.

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kokoloba(DE / EU)

hi Marcy,

yes - she is growing near the window (east), so light shouldn´t be a problem. my mom also fertilizes regulary.
i heard somewhere that hoyas should be grown in such a way, that they can climb in a circle - if you know what i mean - otherwise they don´t bloom. it sounds strange, but is there any truth in it?



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MichMatt(z5 ON_Ottawa)

H Pubicalyx is not that easy to bloom. I have one - huge , west window -3hours of sun each day. It is pot bounded in selfwatering 6"pot- not even single bloom on it for the last 4 years.
I'm thinking of taking it outside next year like I did with my carnosa krimson Queen (which bloomed for the first time this summer a month after I took it outside).

Photo taken 2 years ago

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kokoloba(DE / EU)

where did you keep it outside?


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MichMatt(z5 ON_Ottawa)

I have a shady back yard with 2hours of direct afternoon sun.
We had a very hot and Humid summer this year - perfect condition for hoyas to bloom ( My stephanotis was also full of blooms- for the first time- when I took it outside).

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txmom(North Texas)

I will never forget the first hoya bloom I ever saw. I had this plant cutting from an aunt and it was a great green healthy plant and I started many plants for others.
One spring I went to California for a vacation and my mom took care of the house. She was quite a jokester and loved to put the kids stuffed animals on their ceiling fans and see how long it took them to see what she had done...well, there it was...a pink plastic flower stuck in my plants on my windowsill.
BUT, on a closer look I realized the flower was part of the plant!!! Couldn't believe my eyes!
That plant is now more than 25 years old and has about 40 blooms at any given moment for most of the summer.
Good luck - and take a vacation...you never know!!!

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flash14756(z6 Boise, Idaho USA)

There is a single, anceint plant(a plant that i think has now left this life) whose genetic material has spread throughout the family, and i believe it is a Pubicalyx. i plooms and is neithe traine in a circle nor in direct light. i have heard that cutting off the naked stems used for flowering can prevent it from flowering for about 10 years.

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Pubicalyx was a tough bloomer for me, too. Mine was old and huge before it bloomed. Kept it in the bathroom where it got afternoon sun for many years without it blooming. When I got my greenhouse, which faces east, I put it out there and within 6 months, I got my first bloom. It's not exactly a generous bloomer, but I've gotten blooms on it a few times a year since. Be patient. Grow it for the beauty of the leaves and when it blooms, it'll be a big bonus!

Denise in Omaha

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Hello, I have two hoyas. One is about 40 yrs old and it blooms most of the summer but is resting right now. It gets sun light in the mid afternoon for a couple of hours. My other one is now 16 yrs. old and never had bloomed for it was sitting in a corner with very little light. Well last summer we moved it to a east window that gets sun light for a couple of hours in the morning. Well with in a month it had it's first flowers and is still blooming. It only has one bunch of flowers at a time but it is flowering. One thing I was told to do is give the hoya a fine mist of water on the leaves every so often, so that might be an idea to get the hoya flowering. Good luck kokoloba. Tina

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