Colors look a bit off

karyn1(7a)November 9, 2012

My retusa blooms look darker, not as red, and my RHP is lighter then I expected.

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Sometimes I think photos reflect lighting factors, growing environments also make a bloom look different. I am enjoying the view! Thanks for posting. ~ Mary

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Beautiful! Those publicalyx blooms really look fresh. I agree they are nice pictures. :)

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Thanks. The color in the pics is actually pretty true. The RHP might be a shade darker but not much. That's the first bloom on the RHP so I have nothing to compare it to. I was just expecting a darker bloom but the retusa has been blooming for a few years and the center is usually redder.

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Congratulations on the Hoya blooms. I wonder if cooler temperatures were responsible for the deeper colour of the Hoya retusa corona? I guess you would expect the same from the Hoya pubicalyx, were they grown in the same conditions?


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Same growing conditions and one is darker while the other is lighter. If anything I would have expected the retusa corona to also be lighter. My hoyas don't bloom that well to begin with so any flower is a nice surprise.

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