VF-11 Question. . .

maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)November 19, 2009

Hi fellow hoya lovers,

Is it true that leaves take in nutrients from the under-side of the leaves? Is the plant not getting all the benefit if you only spray the top?

My common sense tells me it isn't true, as in the wild the under-side of the leaves probably never even get wet. But then again, perhaps they take in the nutrients when the under-side of the leaves come in contact with whatever they are clinging to. . .

Do those of you that spray with VF-11 pay particular attention to the under-side?

I do with the ones I can get to, but some of the fuller ones, it's nearly impossible.



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Hi Debi,

This is how I understand it - the leaf epidermis has stomata, or tiny "slits" that open and close to expel (and take in, I assume) gases. Plants fall into "dicots" and "monocots" (these are shortened names for long ones I can never remember w/o looking them up!) and "dicots" have more stomata on the underside of the leaf than the upperside. Since Hoya fall into "dictos" (which just means plants that have two seedling leaves as opposed to one...), spraying the underside is beneficial. Probably more than you wanted to know, but yes, I do try to get the underside sprayed if I can. Some plants, like you say, it's nearly impossible...

And another thing - I understand that the stomata are typically open at night and close during the day to preserve moisture in the plant. So it's best to spray either after dark, or early in the morning before the sun comes up.

Denise in Omaha

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maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)

Thanks Denise,

Your explainations are always so helpful, and make so much sense. . . :) thanks for the detailed explaination.

I usually do do my watering/care for my plants in the morning. I am usually up by 5, hubby and dogs are still in bed. I guess I have been doing a good thing by doing it that time of day, w/out even knowing it. I like my *my time* and it's wee hours of the day. . .

Thanks again,


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Ditto on the explanation Denise, so thanks -- clear, accessible & informative. My lesson for the day, thanks


(PG) Karen

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This helps me out, too. Now I know what to do when I spray my plants. The cuttings I just got will benefit from the VF-11 as well, I hope.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Brad a tip about VF-11 is to soak new cuttings you receive in it before planting. The VF-11 reduces stress and shock and gives them an extra boost to help with rooting.
Usually what I do is make a pitcher of VF-11 and soak the cuttings and while they soak I decide if I will plant them in spagnum moss, soil mix or root cubes. I then dampen which ever I use with the VF-11. Then I plant the cuttings.
With spagnum moss or root cubes you will need to squeeze out the excess so they are not soggy of course.
Use what's left of the VF-11 water to water other plants in need of a drink. One never wastes VF-11 water after all! haha.
This is a good way to ensure success.,,,Debbie

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I am investigating other plant nutrients. I have been happy with VF-11 but with shipping costs at an all time high,I have to start using something else or find it locally(That I have not been able to do) I have done on-line searches of the big box stores and anywhere I can think of that sells plants with no luck. I had read that some folks were using Dyna-Grow from Home Depot,not here!

Yes we are dealing with, I think, hardy plants. What do other hoya growers use? I would appreciate any help.
Thank you for reading my note and Happy Thanksgiving to All.

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I have another question on VF-11. Most of my hoyas and my Crown of Thorns are growing in Miracle Gro potting soil. Can I still use VF-11 on them?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

gardenmagic, I use Foliage Pro 9-3-6 by dyna-gro but have never gotten it at any of the big box stores or anywhere locally. I have to order mine online. But I only use 1/2 tsp per gal. of water, so one qt. last me a long time. I use VF-11 only for rooting,spraying the leaves occasionally or stressed cuttings for the same reasons as you, I cannot find it locally and shipping is getting outrageous!

Click on "dealers" then your state to see the closest location near you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dyna Gro website

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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Yes you can Brad! VF-11 isn't a fertilizer it's vitamins and minerals. So no risk to burn your roots.,,,Debbie

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