Bees, Bees, and More Bees

liljagster(MO/6)August 4, 2008

I had to name the title that after seeing the wasp post.

My problem is bees. They come around 10:00am and stay until about 1 or 2pm, but there are so many that the hummers have trouble getting to the spicket and they eat most of the solution. I will reduce the amount of sugar I use and see if that helps, but what have y'all done to get the bees to stay away? I had to move the feeder farther in the yard so that my dog doesn't become a victim when she walks out there, but it's less enjoyable now. Thanks! If I knew how to post a pic, I'd show you the great ones I took of my hummers!

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I can't help you with the bees, but I can help you post a pic!!! Go to and register. You have to register, but it is free. Then you upload your photos. Copy the HTML code (3rd one down) and paste it in your 'message.' It'll look like code, until you click 'preview message.' Good luck with the bees and look forward to your pics :) Christy

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Thanks, all my pics are currently in and will consider photobucket for those that I want to share with the world.

I noticed ants on the feeder today - since I moved it out to the yard! LOL, but I know how to control them!

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