Happy hummer rescue in garage

myoneandonly(z7VA)August 30, 2007

This morning I was outside watering the plants and a hummer flew into our garage and couldn't find the way out. We opened both garage doors and the back door, but all she wanted to do was fly upward aginst the ceiling. We tried to herd her out the doors by walking toward her, but that seemed to frighten her more, so we went inside and peeped through a slit in the door. After what seemed like several minutes of flying frantically, she ran out of energy and just went to the floor. My husband gently picked her up and she did not flutter or resist. We put her in the flower container where we keep the feeder. She was so still, I couldn't tell whether she was even alive. I thought maybe she was in shock. About ten minutes later, we checked on her and she was gone, and shortly thereafter, I saw a hummer sitting on a perch in the window box where it usually sits. I hope it was that same hummingbird. I hope we did more good than harm, but I'm not sure. Does someone with more experience with birds have advice for these situations.

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I had the same thing happen a few days ago . . . see my post "Hummer in the garage" or read on to see what I did . . .

I have 5 feeders, none visible from any other, and who knows how many regular visitors. Right now I suspect I'm getting migration activity, because they're all over the place.
This morning the side garage door was left open and when I went in the garage, a poor hummer was in there, frantically trying to get out. He was just beating himself on the ceiling, flying from one area to the next, obviously very upset. I opened the two overhead doors and tried to gently guide him out with a broom but he got more frantic. Thinking cap time.

I closed the overheads, went out and got one of the feeders and suspended it in the open side door, about 2 feet from the top of the door. Then I got in the car and watched. In about 5 seconds he flew down to the feeder, took several deep drinks, and sat and rested. He obviously knew exactly what it was, even if it was in a strange place! I needed to leave for a meeting, so I gave him about 5 minutes to rest, and then quietly walked toward him. He took off out the open door to the neighbor's arbor vitae. Problem solved!

Maybe that would have been the obvious solution to all of you, but if not, keep it in mind if you ever have a hummer in your garage!

Dumb me: Should have gotten the camera!!

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roflol(Z6 MO)

First time visiting this forum, so forgive my newbie-ness.

My folks have a lot of hummingbirds in the country and frequently had accidental in their garage. They recently learned that the red emergency pull handle for the electric garage door opener was probably the magnet that drew the birds in, thinking it was another feeder. The remedy - if you plan to leave your garage door open a lot, which my folks do - was to tie something to cover the handle, until the hummingbird season is over. They don't have accidental visitors anymore. Hope this helps, and sorry if this is information from Captain Obvious. :-)


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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Sounds like you hummer wore itself out. I saw a hummer on a feeder on my deck actually fall from the feeder to the deck. I was frantic. Some nice person on this forum sent me this info. I bet this is what happened to yours trying to get out, and that it was fine after a bit of rest. It was explained that any time a hummer has to exhert unusual effort this can happen. http://research.amnh.org/users/nyneve/hummingbirds.html

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buford(7 NE GA)

We used to have a feeder too close to our back door. Several times hummers came in while they were chasing each other around. It was the same thing, they'd go up to our 2nd story windows and just bang against them. We'd just wait till they get tired then I'd go up on the ladder and get them in a towel. They just lay still for awhile, then they abruptly get up and fly away.

It is fun holding them, they are like little jewels.

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I suspect the hummer who came into my garage saw the sun hit the side of my bright red CRV and thought "Holy cow, that's the biggest feeder I've ever seen!" It was the side door that was open, so the opener "dangle" wasn't visible . . .

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Spray those red handles black. If a hummingbird gets in your garage. Just hang a feeder in the door of the garage. The hummingbird will see the feeder and when it feeds will fly on out the door. I have them visitibg my garage all the time.

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hostagrams, you said the same thing I said to my husband. We got a candy apple red jeep this year and have more hummers than we ever had. Must look like a huge feeder. Definitely got their attention.

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roflol(Z6 MO)

hostagrams and bdriver71, lol. I'm not surprised. I was out yesterday morning working nowhere near the h-bird feeder and was getting buzzed by hummingbirds, and came back in and realized I was wearing my bright red shirt. Poor things probably thought they hit the nectar motherload until they saw the face attached. ;-)

mimidi, now that my family has started this hummingbird "thing" we will spray our handles black, good suggestion, thank you.

And judging by the posts above, apparently not just hummingbirds are attracted to red... both of our vehicles are red as well. lol

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