Did I see that hummingbird do that???

donnas_gw(7)August 2, 2011

Just awhile ago, there was a Ruby Throated hummer at my feeder, and his beak kept extending out and going back to it's original size!!! Reminded me of Pinochio (sp). The first time I saw it, I had to question myself was I really seeing that. Then, he came back again and I saw him do it again. I've been feeding hummers for many years now, and I've never seen this happen. I know now that I wasn't seeing things LOL. What was he doing??

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Did a google search to see if hummingbirds have tongues, and they do, but, his bird wasn't drinking nectar, he was just guarding the feeder from the other hummers. Still, I was was watching wide-eyed LOL

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And you are sure it was not its tongue flicking out which they do often?

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LOL....I didn't know what it was hummersteve!! It's the first time I'd ever seen a hummingbird do that. Let's just say that hummingbird had one long tongue!!! I could say more, but I don't want to sound dirty LOL

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donnas, It was probably its tongue. BTW, I like the way you think, you're my kind of woman!!

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Here ya go...

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Thank you ctnchpr. That is exactly what I saw. I am now paying more attention to the hummers that visit my feeder. I know I have at least 3 hummingbirds. I have noticed that right after the other hummers drink the nectar, sometimes their little tongues will flick out. But it comes out and goes back in so fast, and I don't think nearly as far out as the one in this picture and the one male at my feeder. I really have to be watching closely to see their tongues. I can't believe that all these years I've been feeding them, I never saw that before.

BTW, did you build that feeder using pcv plumbing pipes? If so, did you get the little red flowers from old feeders? I would love to try making one. Thanks.

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donna, Yes, I made the PVC feeders, but none have any flowers. I did a test first to see if the hummers would come to the pipe. I drilled some holes in a scrap piece of PVC, and painted around the holes with my wife's "Fire Engine Red" nail polish - with her permission, of course. They found it very quickly.

On the first real feeder, I used wire connectors (electricians sometimes call them "wire nuts") for the ports...

On this one, I used test tube stoppers...

And caps from Carmex Lip Balm were used on the feeder...

Here is a link that might be useful: ...in this video.

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OMGoodness, these pvc feeders are awesome! The possibilities are endless. What kind of gluing did you use? My husband is going to make me some. I am afraid off picking out something that will cause the hummers harm.

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Thanks, hummingbirdacre! Use regular PVC glue, and after you assemble the feeder, let it sit for a few days so the solvent vapors will escape.

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I have been feeding hummers for close to 30 years now and had never seen the tongue until about 7 or so years ago. I thought the beak was like a straw. I wanted to try a saucer feeder, but had never seen one at the stores I went to. Had dial-up and used the old "newsgroups". Someone on there had a saucer feeder for free and I responded (New York, I believe). He responded back to send him $6 for shipping and I did. About 3 weeks after I sent the money - no feeder. He did send the feeder finally and it had clear plastic on the bottom. My patio furniture was only about 6 feet from the feeders and you could see that little string of a tongue darting all over the inside of the feeder. Also got to see a couple catch bugs with the tongue. After that, I did buy another larger capacity saucer feeder and I love both, but the racoon damaged them and I have not repaired them.

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