bubbles in sealed jars

illuciDecember 6, 2009

I have noticed that this year all my batches of pickles have had tiny bubbles in them after canning. The seals are solid. I can't think of anything I've done differently this year -- I believe I've left enough headspace. I used a plastic knife to get bubbles out of the side before sealing. The veggies have been fresh.

Do you think this is anything to worry about?

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

It depends. Did you process them in the BWB canner as needed ? I know some people try to do the unsafe method of just heating the brine, then letting the lids seal and not process them. That is unsafe. I need to know to safely determine the problem with your pickles.
Then, are the bubbles stationery or do they move ? If they move then that means spoilage.
If they stay still, and you processed, then they should be fine. Well, if you also used a safe brine with enough added vinegar. At least half 5 % acidity vinegar to water ratio.

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I did do them in the BW bath.
The bubbles move when I move the jars -- the contents of the jar move as well.
I used 5% distilled white vinegar.
This happened with beet pickles -- happened twice in a row with two batches, but never happened last year. One difference is that this year, I used spices, whereas last year I only used sugar and vinegar.
If it is spoilage, how on earth could they have spoiled during the canning process? The vegetables were fresh.

(thank you very much for taking the time with this :)

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readinglady(z8 OR)

It sounds as if you did everything right but some bubbles remained despite your attempts to remove them. If you merely moved the blade up and down a few times and didn't rotate the jar all the way around being careful to remove bubbles everywhere, it's possible bubbles remained which you didn't spot.

As Linda Lou said, if they aren't moving in the liquid when the jar is at rest, you're OK. It sounds as if you did everything right as far as processing is concerned.

Another possibility is if the pickles were packed too tightly in the jar. Then it can be particularly difficult to assure bubbles are removed completely.


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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

They sound fine. It is when you have bubbles that move when the jars are still that is a spoilage sign.
Glad to hear you processed them. If a person uses current, tested safe recipes, etc. then most often spoilage is not an issue. Once in a while a jar can come unsealed as it sits, then it can spoil. That or if they are in too hot of an environment they can also spoil. Temps. over 90 degrees. I had a friend in the south that happened to. They got so hot they came unsealed and spoiled.
Also, if a person packs the food too tighly and the pickling liquid cannot penetrate the food, they can also spoil. However, you said the food also moves. That is a good sign.
I do think yours sound Ok. We all have bubbles in our sometimes.

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I agree, I think the pickles are fine. I tend to get bubbles in a lot of my canned goods, probably because I hurry or because I do my canning at midnight and don't really care if I get all the bubbles out or not, LOL.


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