Hoya thompsonii

denise_gw(5)November 17, 2013

I got mine as a cutting in 2009. It has FINALLY bloomed for me! I've always loved the leaves on this one - super fuzzy and silver flecked (this photo doesn't do it justice)...

I found it budding up around the first of October...

And a few days later, they opened...

Mine don't have the hint of blush that Cpawl's did, but still pretty. And I love the fragrance - like lilacs!

Denise in Omaha

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Very pretty Denise! Ive never seen this one in bloom, so thanks for sharing.!!

After waiting all those years, its bloom makes it worth it! Congratulations.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats Denise!! Yours is doing much better than mine, I too love the fuzzy leaves but I'm still waiting for blooms. I got mine in 2010 and hoping next Spring is the magic year?

Beautiful blooms!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Very cool! Nice white flowers!


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Congrats Denise!!
I also just had flower this year, got the cutting 3,4 years ago.
This is the most strongest fragrance, I'd never smell like it.
Thompsonii is a almost perfect plant for me: small, strong ,compact, slow growing, love sun, fragrance, big flower size about 1/2".
Absolutely it is my favorite plant, (thanks you GG.)

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Congratulations, Denise! Your blooms look awesome! I wish mine would bloom. Typically this one blooms with pinkish blooms...do you keep yours in a warm place? I keep mine in a cool room...it does fine, but hasn't bloomed yet. Fondly, Patrick

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Hi Patrick,

I have to admit I'm a little less than enthused by white flowers. I had no idea they were supposed to be pink. I grow mine in my sunroom which does stay relatively warm. Does that make a difference in flower color, or were you asking more in reference about getting it to flower? Just curious...

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Denise...no questions about blooming, mine will bloom when it's larger. I think your H. thomsonii is kept too warm...but, I love white blooms! They'd be more pink given cooler temperatures..and the pink varies a lot..from deep pink to a pink blush. I do keep mine at 58 degrees...still hoping for blooms. Let us know how long yours remains in bloom. Enjoy! Fondly, Patrick

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Denise nice growing,I like white flowers.Maybe its the time of year that they bloom or the clone.I have a couple different clones but only the has flowered for me.
My hoya bloomed in the spring after I had moved it out to the greenhouse which got very warm in the day but did cool down in the night.Last winter it grew a ton of peduncles but only bloomed after the move.The same happened with Serpens All winter it grew peduncles but only bloomed after been put out in the greenhouse,but I did notice that when it became very hot during the day it did cause some buds to abort.

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Cpawl - what's the difference between your thompsonii clones? I really like it because it is a steady grower and doesn't have high demands. I grow it in my sunroom where it gets bright indirect light. It puts on regular growth (as opposed to some that are spurt-growers, or those that stop the minute it isn't hot and humid...) But I've only seen the one clone. Where did you get the two you own?

Denise in Omaha

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Denise The clone I have seems to look like yours.And I got it from apodagis.It grows well for me also.I grow it S/H.My second clone has smaller leaves and no sliver specks at all.It is not a fast grower and I can not remember where I got it from.But I think I got it from aleya.

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