abigail1280(8)November 14, 2010

Hi All,

So I've had a lot of luck rooting my muliflora. Both branches have roots on them. My question is, how long should I let the roots get? I decided to root them in water and how long should I wait before I put them in soil? Also, the one branch is getting ready to bloom .. should I wait until after it blooms or should I go ahead and put it in dirt now? I know I've read not to mess with them when they're blooming. The smaller branch's roots are about an inch long with one long one that's about 3". The bigger one, which is the one that is going to bloom, the roots are about 4" - 5" long.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Water roots and air roots are comprised of different tissues.
Often, water roots will break when potted in soil, which means that cuttings
will be rooting twice. For this reason, I root in soil directly...or else pot rooted
cuttings in soil as soon as I see evidence of root primordia on the stems.

In other words, I'd pot them now. The sooner the better.


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I agree with Josh, rooting directly in a pot with your favorite growing mix is often the best method. Having said that we are talking about Hoya multiflora or javanica and I was unable to root cuttings of my plant easily until someone here mentioned water rooting it.
I have some cuttings of my plant at about the same stage as you describe, roots about 4-5" long. I am planning on potting those cuttings up this week. The roots look much sturdier than the were even a week or two ago so I am hoping that they make the transition smoothly. Keeping the newly potted cuttings warm and moist couldn't hurt either until they settle in.


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