How to ID a Hoya Plant?

PlantsAndYarn(5)November 9, 2012

Is there any way to figure out what type of Hoya you have before it flowers?

I just realized that I have one that came in a basket of plants that we got 5 yrs ago when my MIL passed away. It has the thick, variegated green/cream colored leaves.

I always thought the leaves were neat looking but didn't have a clue as to what type of plant it was. Just dawned on me what it was when I was watering the plant next to it, lol.

So now I have two!

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It really depends on the Hoya. In many cases decisive identification is virtually impossible without a good sample of leaves and flowers... and an expert.

However, if you got your Hoya from a box store, those are easy to ID because only a small number of Hoyas are in mass distribution.

Why don't you post a picture? It sounds like Hoya carnosa Krimson Queen or Krimson Princess.

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These came in a basket that was put together by a florist for a funeral arrangement. It wasn't very big 5 yrs ago.

I just liked the leaves, but had no clue what they were. Hoping it will flower for me. That would be so cool. The flowers on my other plant smell so good.

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Here is another picture.

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Thanks for the excellent pictures. You have a carnosa Krimson Queen (/Tricolor) :)

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Thank You so very much! I can't wait to get some flowers on it!

I think it is so funny that I didn't know what it was for so long, then it just dawned on me while I was paying attention to the plant next to it!!

Anything special that I need to do for it? It has been sitting in a northern facing window for 5 yrs now. Seems to like that spot.

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That's a pretty little Krimson Queen, PlantsAndYarn :). Hoyas will do fine in a north window but are more likely to bloom in an eastern, western, or south facing window that has a sheer curtain/blinds in front of it. Under a skylight would work as well.

As for feeding it, we all use a different fertilizer. I, personally, use MG Tomato Food. I dissolve one spoonful (the larger one labeled for outdoor plants), into a gallon jug of water. I just pour in a little into my can (1/4-1/2 of the way full) and dilute it with water. I also use rainwater or melted snow with no fertilizer as well.

What kind of soil do you have your plant in?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

P.S. Welcome to the forum and cool username by the way ;-).

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I'd give it an east window. It's fairly small for being 5 years old and I imagine that's because it's not getting any direct light. Mine is in an east window and puts on quite a bit of new growth each year - at least for a variegated plant. Variegates tend to be slower growers anyway, and in a north window, it may never bloom for you. I'll also add, however, that it looks very healthy, so it's certainly not unhappy where it is. So if you prefer it not grow too fast, it obviously won't hurt it to stay put.

Denise in Omaha

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Mine is in an east window, behind the first row that enjoys the direct sun. It has not bloomed yet but is actively growing as of now. For November I think that is pretty good! Yours shows active growth the same. I let it dry for a few days in between watering and give it regular MG fertilizer a 1/2 tsp per gallon of lukewarm water. ~ Mary

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KQ may be very common, but what a tolerant plant it is! Same goes for KP. It's okay with you letting it get dry and it is more tolerant of being wet than most Hoyas. You have a perfect Hoya right there.

I shudder to think about overwatering some of my Hoyas...[dreams of root rot].

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Thank you for the replies.

When I look around the room, all I see is a ton of houseplants & the mountain of yarn stash for crocheting. Hence the screen name P&Y, lol. This plant is still in the same basket it came in 5 yrs ago, so no idea what type of soil it has. I haven't given it any plant food. Really need to get some for all my plants.

It has actually gotten much bigger over the 5 yrs. When I first got the basket it was just 4-6 leaves. It is one plant, not 2 separate plants. The window is not true north, but a little more northwest-ish. During the summer it gets some brighter, direct light in the later part of the day.

Downstairs I only have N/S windows. If I put it upstairs in an E or W window, I don't get to enjoy as much! I have a tendency to let it dry then give a good soaking. Seems to like this!

Since I would like this to bloom, I think I will need to do some plant rearrangements so it can be in a S window. I have several plants that need re-potting, so this will be an all day event, lol. Plus I will get some new dirt & plant food. Would tomato food work for all my plants or just the hoyas?

The forums here are fantastic! It's great being able to talk to folks about my plants & garden and not have them nod off or their eyes glaze over from boredom, LOL.

Rene aka P&Y

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The tomato food I use on my flowering house plants, such as my Hoyas, holiday and other epiphytic cacti, and my Maid Of Orleans Jasmine. I read somewhere on here that tomato food promotes flowering/fruiting and that's when I started using it. My plants are showing a lot of growth with it. Now that the growing season is pretty much over for the year, I've stopped using it and only give my plants rainwater with some warm tapwater. All of my house plants love that lol. I may give some to my H. nummularoides since this is the time of year that it blooms.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Moved this plant to a southern window. So far it seems to really like the spot. Hopefully, it will get some flowers on it, now that it is getting a bit more sun.

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