How To Root The Golden Chalice Vine?

poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)December 3, 2012

How do you root the Variagated form of the chalice vine? I have the regular chalice vine, it grows like a weed,but my variagated one that only puts out 3-5 blooms around this time,and like 5 new leaves a year. But the blooms are absolutely HUGE,50% bigger than the huge golden chalice flowers! But it has no scent at all. I need to take cuttings and root it,the plant is so small,but has 5 good stems to cut and root.
My regular vine grows wild and I have to hack it back year round, I THINK it roots in water. Is that right? Or is soil the way to go?
The varigated one barely puts out a few new leaves a year. So I thought I should ask how to take cuttings,and get them to root.
I cant afford to loose any of this plant. So,does anyone KNOW how to root both of these with the best success? They are both blooming now, the regular one is covered in blooms, I am getting 3 buds on the varigated one. So i will wait till they are done. But whats the best way to get rooted cuttings from them.
Esp. the varigated one. Those bloms are suppose to be fragrant to,but mine have no scent at all,not at night or during the day. None at all, but the bloom is SO wide and open it is VERY odd. Not like other varigated ones I have seen,so I want to save it and make more. Help???

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Since it's a vine, can you take one of the vines and lay it over a pot of soil? I would cut v's in opposite sides of the top of the pot, lay the vine in there and put a weight over the vine to hold it in place.

It may send out roots from a node over time. Then you can cut the vine away from the main plant.

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Due to the short length of the variegated vine, i cant root it that way. The stems are only like a foot long and very stiff,if I try to bend them they will snap off.

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keiki(10 FL)

I have rooted my variegated one. I had about a 50% success rate but I didn't try real hard. I took cuttings in the spring and rooted them in dirt. I did nothing out of the ordinary, just kept them in the shade till ready. My chalice is more like a large shrub than a vine. All the variegated chalice vines I have seen are much smaller than the standard green ones.

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linda_leaf z10fla(10A Florida)

Same as keiki, I have had no problem getting cuttings to root in the spring.
Linda Leaf

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poohbearlvr(S.Fla ,Z10)

well my regular chalice vine is a huge shrub,if I dont cut it back monthly, it would be an enormous vine,...the variagated one is still only like 2 feet tall and 5 stems,after 4 years. But its flowers make the regular chalice vine blooms look like miniature chalices,comapered to the varigated blooms, thats why I want to save it and root more, in case the 'mother plant' dies or it gets eaten by bugs or anything. Even with no scent from it, the variagted bloom if massive! It is suppose to smell as wonderful as the regular chalice vine,but mine has no scent at all. so I think I have a rare 'sport' or something. And want to root more.

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