Apple Butter

kayskatsDecember 5, 2010

does anyone make apple butter by pureeing the apples (cored, skin on) in the food processor? Or apple sauce, for that matter?


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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

I do mine in the food processor, but I peel and core them.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I peel and core mine, but cook them and use the immersion blender. So simple. I do the same for pumpkin butter.

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this year I'll peel and core because apples, even at my farm store, all seem to be waxed. I do plan to use the Food Processor. (don't have an immersion)

Next year, I want to try apple sauce with the peels left on ... I think I'd like the texture (and the color)


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I use a Victorio strainer and I love it. Provided the apples aren't waxed you just remove the stem and quarter them. Then heat them with a little water on the stove until they soften. Let the pulp cool slightly and put through the strainer. The seeds and skins will be strained out leaving you with beautiful apple pulp.

Then proceed as usual with your apple butter recipe. The strainers run about $60 but last forever. Well worth the price in my opinion. I could never have put up 10 quarts of applesauce and 24 half-pints of apple butter this year without it!


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david52 Zone 6

I use one of those as well. We generally save the more "oranicicy" apples for sauce and butter, so its chop out the wormy bits, toss the good parts into a 12 qt stock pot, add a cup or so of water, and then cook it until its soft. Let cool, run it through the strainer, and there's 7-8 qts of sauce.

I may have mentioned, those years when we have an abundance of apples, that we take one batch of sauce and using the dehydrator, make fruit leather over night. Then add the pieces of leather back into the next batch of sauce, add spices, and simmer, stirring constantly, until its all dissolved into one big vat of apple butter. It's a lot easier than it sounds, and the best tasting way we've found to do it.

As an aside, my DD has found a new craving for apple sauce pan cakes, where apple sauce takes the place of milk in the batter. The acid reacts with the baking powder, and they are very light and fluffy.

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David - can you post recipe for applesauce pancakes? I used to have one using whole wheat flour and oatmeal, but I lost it and haven't been able to find it online in 3 years.

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David, my Dad always liked my home canned apple sauce on top of pancakes, in lieu of syrup.

I peel and slice the apples and put them into my big Nesco roaster. Cook on 350 until they are soft, stir 'em a couple of times so they don't stick. Mash them with a potato masher for chunkier stuff, immersion blender if I want it smooth.

I used to use the Squeezo/Victorio, but in the roaster I just keep cooking it until it gets as thick as I want it, then I can it.


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david52 Zone 6

Thats the usual approach here, Annie - warm apple sauce all over everything. Sprinkled with cinnamon.

Ajsmama, our usual pancake making is around 5:30 am, that time of day when we're not too keen on closely following recipes. For two decent sized pan cakes, 1/3 cup whole wheat flour, an egg, and a generous 1/2 cup of apple sauce. Stir that up, add a rounded teaspoon of baking powder, stir that in, and onto a lightly oiled pan - wait until the bubbles stay open, and flip.
The acid reacts rather quickly with the baking powder, so it helps if the pan is already hot.

The yield in enough for a DD13 to eat 1&1/2, and her Dad nibbles the other half.

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