Harmed by running out of feeder nector

riopeteAugust 20, 2010


We live in the foothills not far from Tahoe and over the past few years we have had more and more hummers stay around our house and so we continue to add more feeders for the new ones. Now we have 7 feeders and 25 or more hummingbirds, which crowd each other when they're feeding. There are times when the 4 holes in all 7 feeders are taken at the same time! They typically drink everything in 2-3 days. My question is that I'm leaving for a long vacation and the feeders will by dry for 30 days or so. Will my birds be harmed when the feeders are suddenly empty. Should I slowly wean them off by using less and less sugar until I leave?

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I'd take the feeders down. They have other food sources.

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I'd start by removing the feeders for an hour or so during midday, then gradually extend that period until they're up only very early and late, and then take away the evening feeding; the morning feeding is the most important, IMO.

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Do you not have any family or friends who might drop over and change the feeders on occasion for you. Otherwise they will find food elsewhere.

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Please DO NOT reduce the nectar in the feeder. This can lead to starvation due to the lack of sufficient amounts of sucrose which in what the nectar is and is found in flowers. If they run empty the birds are not stupid and will go to other food sources.

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Take the some feeders down over a few days .... do NOT use less sugar ! Then when your down to one ... fill it less often ... They will get the message ... I'm doing the same thing right now I have 3 feeders and more than 50 hummers ! They are getting the message ! have a great vacation!

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Awww I wish we could get some of your Jewels to come here ~ we'd be more that thrilled to give them board & lodging!!!

How about your neighbors or some HS kids in the neighborhood to tend to the feeders? I bet they'd be delighted to care for them!!!

Hummie feeders are a bit more complicated ~ but I used to get neighbor kids to tend to my regular wildbird feeders & they're always happy to oblige!!!

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