Little fat guy on a wire

mehitabel(z6 MO)August 30, 2013

I read somewhere (here?) that a hummingbird heaven includes a wire for a hummer to sit on and guard his/her feeders. So a few days ago we stretched a wire across a couple of posts on the deck, right above a red honeysuckle, and a few feet from the feeders.

Yesterday evening right before dusk one little guy found it a great place to sit and guard the two feeders. He sat on it for long periods several times. He would sit facing out for a while, then turn himself around and face in. If anyone else tried to feed he was able to buzz them and chase them away.

Every new thing you find that they like or use makes the heart smile.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Little Fat Guy has been using the wire a lot, and it's very helpful to him in guarding "his" two feeders.

Too helpful. I watched for a half hour this evening right before dark and he was so successful the others couldn't even get a single sip before he was at them and chased them off. Both feeders.

Before the wire, the others could get a sip or two while he was chasing someone else or use one feeder while he guarded the other. Now no one but him could use it at all.

So the wire had to come down. I couldn't stand to watch that any more.

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Yes, mehitabel, you tipped the scales in his favor. You want to do just the opposite - make it difficult for him to guard all the feeders. If you have 2 feeders, put them on different sides of your house. It won't be the most convenient arrangement for your viewing, but more will get to feed in peace. When your population reaches 8-10, you can cluster the feeders together, and one "Little Fat Guy" can't chase all the others away. When you get more, you can use a "mega-feeder"...

Here is a link that might be useful: this one.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Wonderful videos, ctnchpr. I could see the nearest hummer's throat move as he swallowed!

I do have red honeysuckle nearby and agastache on the other side of the house for any that can't get at the feeders. I can see them just as well from two sides of the house, but have to have the feeders on the deck for ease of refilling daily on the hotttt days.

But I waspleased to see your long row of feeders with lots of hummers feeding side by side. Next year I hope to need more feeders, and if so will start my own row on the deck :)

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