Fighting off bees..........

aliiAugust 26, 2007

How on earth do I get rid of the bees from the Hummer feeders?

They keep chasing the Hummers away! I was going to fix it once

and for all and went after them with a swatter... well I knocked the bottom off the feeder and then had to clean the patio!! I swear I heard the beeds say *well thank ya mam!*

lol A neighbor was watching since im the only one with a

feeder.. but the darn bees rule the feeder! My feeder is a

Perky Pet.. with the white thing around the feeding hole.. I

wish I had known to get one with bees guards!! Any Idea

what I can do??? Thanks.

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I am trying to add a picture I hope I am doing this right.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'll be watching your post, as I too have the bee least one makes it in and then is seen floating inside!!! this cant be good for the hummers?

They dont seem to mind the floating bees...but still...

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tamsea(z-5 Ohio)

Ditto the question. Any suggestions? I have yellow jackets that are swarming my feeder. Someone suggested putting paper towels soaked in vinegar around the ports. That seemed to keep them away at first. They swarmed around it but didn't land, but now..they are landing. Poor hummingsbirds!

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I've had success with either almond extract or peppermint extract. The bees don't seem to like either of them. I smear it over all of the ports, and apply it almost everyday.

Donna, VA

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Try a bottom reservoir feeder like the hummzinger and fill it only half full. The hummers can still reach the nectar, the bees can't. Plus these feeders don't leak so there's no nectar on the outside to attract the bees.
Bees love the color yellow - try to find all red feeders instead of the ones with the yellow flower feeding ports - the hummers don't need them. There's quite a few other posts on this topic below board check those out as well. Good luck!

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anyone consider painting the flowers on the feeders to red? maybe with nail polish or something like that?

I for the first time today saw the bees actually chasing the birds. I had seen bees on the feeders before, but not actually chasing the birds.

I also used the left over (old) nectar and put it out in a container near the feeder, this didn't see to get the attention of the bees.


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For me its been wasps and they are a real nuisance and Ive tried all the things mentioned and the only thing that detered them some was smearing cooking oil all over the ports and red bases. Ive tried all kinds of so-called traps but no dice. One trap I prepared tuna oil and bits of tuna and It attractd and trapped loads of flies but I havent noticed any wasps in there. I have one feeder that is lantern style and sweat bees would get in it , lots of them , but it didnt slow down the hummers from feeding.

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tamsea(z-5 Ohio)

Ok, the yellow jackets have let up a bit. But next year I'm going to try the cooking oil and the extract idea. Putting vinegar on paper towels worked for awhile but not for long. I gave my hummingbirds a break by putting lots of sugar water in my orange oriole feeder. The hummingsbirds would go in the holes and couldn't get out. I had probably over 50 yellow jackets in there.

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tamsea(z-5 Ohio)

oops I meant the yellow jackets would go in the feeder.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

Much as I hate to upset the natural order of things (bees, and wasps are generally beneficial), sometimes you have to find the source of the problem and eliminate it. Bees are both too valuable and hard to hive-find to kill. Most wasps kill so many pest insects (especially caterpillars) that I would be loath to kill them. There is an area in my woods where ground-burrowing blue wasps bring and bury an endless stream of pest bugs in August (for egg-laying). I take pains not to disturb them.

I make an exception for yellow jackets, though. They can be a real problem in the yard and I eliminate them (sadly but mercilessly). I've been stung too often and subjected to nearly house-arrest for some swarming activities. Mainly, I've never seen a yellow jacket carrying a pest insect. So I don't think they are very beneficial. And you crush one and it releases a chemical that activates the others to attack.

So, anyway, I have an idea about eliminating wasps and bees from hummer feeders. Why not epoxy a 1/4 to 3/8 inch of aquarium tubing over the hummer feeder openings? That ought to prevent any insects from getting at the nectar but not disturb the hummers.

I'm not going to do that myself cause I'm not having a bee/wasp problem (so it would be no test), but maybe someone who IS havin the problem could test the idea.

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