Globe Thistle

fritzmomAugust 18, 2007

Hi Everyone

A quick question and comment: Has anyone got a purple/lilac colored Globe Thistle plant that attracts the hummers? I've got this plant and they (and the bees) just LOVE it. Or, do the birds not know that it doesn't attract them?? These same little birds are also feeding at the sunflowers that are still in bloom. Course, I don't know if they're going for nector, or maybe tiny insects on these two plants, but I'm not going to complain about 'non-attracting' plants attracting my hummers! I might also mention that these birds are not going to my orange Tiger Lilies. They're not even interested in those plants and I thought they were attracted to Tiger Lilies.

Oh well, different birds, different tastes. Have a good day all


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Yes, I do - I'm in NWCT z5 and I have echinops planted near and among my red monarda, my hummers' fave food. They sip at the echinops too -- maybe because of the proximity; go figure. There is also jewelweed right around there too, just for them. But they haven't been interested in that this year.

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