Your Wish Lists For Santa?

moonwolf_gwNovember 11, 2012

Hi everyone,

It may be a tad early, but I'm already working on my wish list for next year. I have to be very careful in which plants I seek out due to space issues. However, I'm also seeking out a few extra cuttings of plants I have that are on the small side. I'll split up my wish list into two sections: Plants and Cuttings for you. Please note, some will appear twice, as those Hoyas I can prefer as either. So far, here is what I have down:




Lacunosa "Langkawi Island", "Poonsak", "Sno Caps", "Thai Clone", "Tove", and var. pallidiflora

Mindorensis (any of these LOL, but the "True Red" is gorgeous in particular)

Pallilimba (IML 1691)

Rigida (IML 1424)




cv. Mathilde




Pubicalyx "Red Buttons"

Rigida (IML 1424)



cv. Mathilde

My motoskei and obscura "Phillip" cuttings have went kaput. Motoskei was having mealy problems for a long time and obscura seems to be a Hoya I cannot get to grow for me whatsoever. Gotta get that greenhouse someday lol.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Lots of nice choices Brad! Wisconsin is already playing Holiday music. And it is too cold for hoyas without hot packs. Joni can count on me for an order if I need a winter fix. My wish for hoya is definitely the famous aff. Mindorensis of Antone's! Spring is around the corner! ~ Mary

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Hi Mary,

I haven't heard too much holiday music here yet, which is odd. Gotta love Joni! She's my go to for Hoyas and it's always neat to find one Hoya that you've been eyeing and she lists it on her monthly sale :D.

I don't think I'll be ordering anymore Hoyas until spring, but time will tell. I enjoy trading with the folks here on the forum and they've all been wonderful. Hopefully, I'll be striking up some trades towards spring.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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After not buying a single Hoya all year I guess I can slip a little and make a Christmas wish list. If I can list anything, regardless of rarity, I would ask for Hoya mirabilis, Hoya platycaulis, Hoya sp Suanpeung, Rachaburi (EPC-293), and Hoya sp Pahang.


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I love the topic of this thread! I've already added quite a few hoyas to my collection this year but there's always room for more! My Christmas list would include:


There are many others that I love but these are my top!

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My wish list: H. platycaulis!! Fondly, Patrick

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Asterope(SE Queensland, Australia)

If santa would be so kind as to visit - could he please bring:


to replace the ones that died in winter :(

also - a Dischidia ovata and a Paphiopedilum sanderianum!!

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siariae yellow pink
vitiensis yellow

ho ho ho

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Santa, please please please bring me a H. ilagiorum and I promise I'll be good next year (for a change)!

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Great choices, everyone! We're in the home stretch: only 5 more days! I'd like to see Santa slip a brand new glass greenhouse under the tree XD.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Ahahahaha Brad. I'd like to see that, too. Or maybe slip the tree into the brand new glass greenhouse. :P

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