Small Hummer trapped in spider web

johntommybobAugust 2, 2010

I have been feeding Hummingbirds for years from a feeder attached to the back porch overhang. We love to set and watch them come and go, and buzz off interlopers. Today my wife came running in, and cried, "A hummingbird is trapped in a spider web!". I rushed out, and sure enough, a small hummingbird was entangled in a web. it would flap weakly and then just hang there. So I went out and carefully removed it from the web, and did my best to get all the web off it, and all the time - it's chirping: scared I guess. I let it go and it flapped off (not hummer like at all) into the trees. Now I worry that I should have not released it so quickly. It was probably weakened by trying to escape. I think it was a young bird, not fully grown. I never thought a humming bird could get caught in a spider web.

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Hello, I also rescued a hummingbird from a spiderweb. The hummingbird was webbed as if it was in a straight jacket.I hurried into my house, and poured some nector in a small plate . I dipped his tiny little beak in the nectar and then I knew he was alive , his little tongue lapped up the nector. Then I proceeded to pick off the web, and alternate feeding him. I thought I got most of the web off,so I took him outside on my patio table. I still continued to dip his beak in the nector. I think I was as frightened as he was. I could feel his heartbeat in my hand. I finally got all the web off, and he tried to fly , but went right to the ground. I picked him up, and he perched on my finger I fed him some more . It was amazing he took flight up into the trees. It was the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. I was still worried about him, and the next morning I swear i saw him at my window feeder. I think he was saying thanks.

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After talking to my husband he said, if it flew up into the trees.That he picked off the rest of the spider web himself.My husband said that they use spider web and,lichen for their nest material so they are used to dealing with small bits of spider web.So you can feel better about its survival.You did a good job.

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If you find spider web entrapment surprising and disturbing, don't Youtube /hummingbird praying mantis/. Fast as the chirpers are, they have it tougher than you might think!

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After I let it go I got to thinking maybe I should have done what you did (feeding it) until it regained some strength.
I don't know for sure how long it was tangled up. I hope it's alright. Your second post did make me feel better. Thanks.


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I hate this time of year. I normally get quite a few orb spiders that build their webs on my deck/gazebo, but it's not in hummer territory so I generally leave it be. For the record, I LOVE orb spiders. There's another area that's pretty high traffic, as in bird activity, so I'm constantly removing that web. I try to relocate the spider if possible, but if it keeps rebuilding and I keep knocking it down, the spider normally moves on. Any webs I see I knock down, especially in flower territory!
Your hummer was probably weak and spooked, but hopefully it got a good rest in the tree & moved along.

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Hummingbirds are tougher than you think. Some travel over 500 miles nonstop over the Gulf of Mexico. I am sure the hummingbird is fine today because you took action to save it. :>)

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