Crazy Hummer!

hawkeye3007August 22, 2007

Okay I'm new at this, just had hummers (ruby) show up last week, bought a feeder, but the male is the only one feeding, he won't let the female feed at all, so bought a second feeder, and he still claims all for himself!!!

Will the female starve?? Not many flowers around now as been very dry and all is burnt up, can't get over how

greedy and feisty he is with the female! Wife sez "typical male" LOL....thanks

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This is my 4th summer with hummers. Got my first posessive male this year. He sits on "his" trellis guarding "his" feeders all day long, even in pouring down rain. He's suppose to leave before the females but I have visions of him froze to the trellis. Anyway, you need to move the other feeder to the opposite side of the house, where he can't see it. He might buzz by to check it out but won't stay long cause he has to protect "his" feeder. Worked for me. Wife is right. Typical male. Guarding his turf.

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sqlguy(z7 GA)

If you put another feeder out of sight of the first, it may help, since he can't effectively guard both simultaneously. He'll do a pretty good job, but interlopes will get the occasional sip.

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