Pressure Canning Different Size Jars

interestingtimesDecember 17, 2009

Hello All,

and thanks for answering in advance. I've been reading GardenWeb for a while but this is my first question.

I just taught myself to can this year and have been successfully WBC and PC for the past few weeks with no problems so far (thanks to a lot of time on GW). However, last night I pressure canned two recipes: hot spicy carrots and chicken stock, and this morning two of my jars didn't seal, one carrot and one stock. I know that I need to reprocess fully with in 24 hours but my problem is that the carrot jar is a pint and my stock is a quart.

My question is: can I pressure can two different jars of different sizes together? Or do I need to go through the whole process twice with a single jar in the canner each time?

They both need 10lbs of pressure, the carrots for 25 minutes and the stock for 30. If I do both at the same time for 30 minutes, would that be a problem?

Actually, I had this question last night, too, as I made two different sizes of carrots- pints to gift and quarts to keep- and I was wondering if I could process them together. I ended up doing the pints together and then combining the quarts of carrots with the quarts of stock, since their processing times/pressure was the same.

Has anyone canned this way: different size jars of the same recipe canned together for the longer time?

Thanks again for you time and answers.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

When processing different size jars in the same load you use the time required for the largest jar. Unfortunately this may cause - depending on the type of food - over-processing mush in the smaller jar. But it will be safe mush.

I don't think an extra 5 mins will hurt the carrots much more - especially since they have already been processed once - but pureed carrots are good too. ;)


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Good to know, thanks.

And hey, hot spicy carrot puree would be good for something, I'm sure! :)


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Opps, one more question.
The jars of hot carrots that did seal have much less liquid brine in them than I originally put in. Before canning the liquid covered the carrots, now it is about 2 inches down from the rim (a full inch less from the top of the carrots). Is this OK? Will they store at room temp or do I need to keep them in the fridge?

Thanks again,

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Sounds like you had some siphoning. As long as your seal is strong, they are safe, just use 'em up first. The carrots that are out of the water may start to discolor over time, but are still safe to eat.

To avoid siphoning in the future, be careful how quickly you adjust the burner, make sure you have the correct headspace.
You can search out previous discussions on the forum as well.


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You got it!

I re-canned the chicken stock and carrots again last night, while also canning spicy and regular pork stock, and was much more patient with letting the canner cool slowly as previous posts had recommended. This morning I had almost no siphoning and only one quart jar that didn't seal (thankfully not the chicken!) which I will reprocess tonight when I make beef stock.

Thanks so much for your time and advice.

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jonas302(central mn 4)

When I get a jar that doesn't seal I freeze it or have it for supper

Sounds like your having a lot of fun canning keep up the good work

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