Homemade wasp traps

minnie_txAugust 21, 2005

DS told me how to make these out of 2 litre bottles. cut the bottle a third of the way down and invert the top into the bottom. It looks like a funnel inside the bottle. Then punch hoes in the sides in which you will put wire to hang from a branch or crook. I used old pineapple juice in mine. I hope you can get the idea from the photo. Hope this helps. I think you could use the small personal sized water bottles too.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's a good idea if the vinegar stops working I might try it thanks. Sarah

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WiValerie(z4 WI)

Great idea. You can use almost any sweet juice with a few drops of dish detergent like Dawn. VAL

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Very good photo Minnie, THank you for sharing that with us. I always have plenty of extra pop bottles. I may just make one or two to have them handy. I have seen other homemade ones but this way seems to be one of the easiest.


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milesend(z7 SC)

This is a wonderful way to save money yet "fight back"! In early Spring, you will catch queens, and one queen is worth a thousand peasants! lol!
Try using a little bright (red?) food coloring in the water and soap mixture as: the color looks better in the yard,helps hide the dead bodies, and serves as an attractant.
In the Spring, wasps are searching for protein, in the Summer and fall? It's Sweets!
Vinegar mixed in with the water and soap will help discourage honeybees from investigating to their doom~

Clean out the dead wasps if the bodies are piling up...the newly caught wasps may use them as a bridge and a boat to a point of survival!

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I used one these traps last year but the wasps never went down into the trap.

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