Has anyone else seen this?

hosta_house(IL 6)August 2, 2009

The Goldfinch have been drinking from the Hummzinger moat for the past couple of years now,so the #%@ sparrows think there maybe food and they are on the feeder too. I have a couple of birdbaths but I never see the Goldfinch on them, I'm afraid this may cause harm to the Hummers, any suggestions? I don't mind the Goldfinch but the Sparrows are bullys. (Pic quality not the best)

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I haven't had our goldfinches drinking from the HB feeders, but we are having lots of woodpeckers~~downies and red-bellieds~~using them. It was interesting to watch the baby woodpeckers using the feeders and being scared off by the hummers.

I don't know if the nectar will harm the other birds feeding or not. The Hummers don't seem to be in harms way of the woodpeckers here.

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I had the same problem with finches drinking from the ant moats. They emptied all of them in a day, with a nice lake available for them fifty yards away.

If you will add a drop or two of dawn dish wash liquid to the ant moat water, they will leave it alone.

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seafire1(z7 NJ)


That is a very unusual capture, a Hummer and a different species bird feeding at the same time. Thats a new one on me! Looks like it could be a Tufted Titmouse?


I'm not sure if the Dawn would harm a songbird if it was drank, do you?


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