Starting to see some travelers...

mbhoneybee63(5)August 26, 2012

I have noticed that there are a few different "personalities" visiting my gardens and feeders in the last few days. I have been off work and confined to the home for the last 8 weeks and looking out into the yard and hummingbird feeders have been my salvation. I have noticed in the last couple of years that about this time of year, those that were migrating would act differently as they approached a feeder or visitied flowers that my "residents" never noticed. With that knowledge, I would say that the northerners are now on the move. I love seeing those that are passing through, but I also know that the end of their visits to my Ohio garden are coming to an end :(

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I've had a significant drop off in the last week in the number of birds at the feeders. Otherwise in the last month there had been an enormous increase. I've never had remotely close to that many hummingbirds before, so I wondered if they were travelers headed south that stayed for a few weeks or what?

Cheers, Tim

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Cheer up indeed! Let's all just enjoy them for as long as we have them! Ma Nature gave us here a very long, very hot, very dry Summer they showed up as early as May & June & left as soon as heat-wave landed!

They've been back in increased numbers & are lingering ~ putting on quite an aerial show as awesome as the F16 Air show in Iowa ~ these shows are on daily, for as long as Ma Nature lets them!

Hopefully they have increased w/ their boods in their stay & w/ the known great memories they have next season will be even more awesome!!!

Indeed *Cheers!*

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I like to think our gardens and feeders are a help, tipping the scales in the hummingbirds' favor.

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