My hummingbirds have disappeared!

javabean1(Orlando Florida)August 8, 2009

I had a ton of hummingbirds all during the day, but for the last 1-2 weeks I have not seen any of them at all. I am in Orlando. Do they leave the area for a while?

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rowdy13(9a Valrico)

If you had hummingbirds throughout the summer, they've probably migrated south for the winter. That doesn't mean that you won't see any until next spring. They are currently migrating through the state and will continue passing through until October. During this time, they can be found pretty much anywhere in the state with a little luck. With a little more luck, you may get one wintering near you. Some hummingbirds do spend the winter in Florida and they're not all Ruby-throateds.

Visit my page at and click on the "species" link to see a list of the spiecies that have been verified in the state as well as some that have been found in our neighboring states. While you're there, clik on the link to the forum on the home page and look around. Hopefully, you'll find the information useful.

You're welcome to contact me for further information if you'd like. My contact information is on my signature on my posts to the forum.

Steve Backes
Valrico, FL

Here is a link that might be useful:

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javabean1(Orlando Florida)

Oh, thanks so much Steve. I appreciate the answer. Yes, I had a ton of them all summer. This was my first summer. I had 1 hummingbird come up right in front of me when I was sitting on my back porch, almost like he was telling me to get a feeder! Sounds so corney, but I immediately went out and bought and feeder, hung it up, and he and a whole bunch were around for months. I'll keep the feeder going then, just in case I get to see any more. Thanks also for the link to the website. I'll definitely check it out!

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i live in lakeland florida and my humming birds have disappeared within the last 10 days. i have been putting out feeders for 3 years and this is the first year they have used them. i saw 1 hummer year before last and 4 last year but they never used the feeders. i use commercial food. but my yard is loaded with flowers and even when i put the feeder right in the edge of the shrimp plants they would feed all around it but not use it. this year i had at least 3 pairs feeding from the feeder. i was wondering if the wasps were repelling them. i have seen them come up the the feeder and go away when there wasps around it. anyone else have this experience?

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Hey, Javabean, I still have hummingbirds and I am about twenty miles directly west of you in Clermont. Around here the males start migrating in July, but I usually have females until the end of September. I would say that you still have some around.

Most of mine come to flowers, not to feeders. I have one feeder up now and it isn't getting much action. Do you have a lot of flowers for them to use? It may be that somewhere around you there are flowers in bloom that the hummers are visiting now, but some should still be around.

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javabean1(Orlando Florida)

Thanks for posting, tom123. I have some potted flowers scattered around the yard (which are not doing good, I will add!). But I have zinnias, 1 petunia, and 1 beautiful purple flowered plant that I have not idea what it is! I have 1 hanging basket of pentas on the back porch right next to my feeder. I did see the hummers going to the flowers occasionally, but they mostly came to my feeder. This was my first year to have any, and I had a ton and it was great. I did plant some zinnias and have a hanging basket of pentas on my front porch and those flowers are doing much better than the back yard, so maybe the hummingbirds are going to the front and I am not aware of it. I always sit on my back porch.

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