Dischidia flower

denise_gwNovember 1, 2010

My D. nr. Burma is blooming up a storm...

It was sure hard to get a decent photo! The whole flower cluster is about as big as a single flower in a carnosa cluster! It's a real cutie!

Denise in Omaha

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I think the effort was worth it. That's a SUPER cute plant, Denise. I hope you keep posting pictures of your Dischidia collection, because I really enjoy them.

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I agree with GG. Funny thing, Denise, it even looks the shape of a carnosa flower! Love the pale pink color too! Is this one hard to grow?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Nice Dischidia Denise, the leaves look quite succulent. Is this a smaller grower?


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Denise nice photo taking it must of been hard to get a clear picture of the small flower.
I have started to like these plants and was lucky to be gifted a small cutting of hirsuta.I hope I can root it.I love fuzzy leaves.

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Brad, easy to root, easy to grow. I find many Dischidias hard to root and a little tempermental to grow, but this one is a breeze...

Mike, yes the leaves are very succulent and smallish. It grows in a hanging pot and grows as long as I let it. I try to take cuttings when it gets to about 3' in length...

Cpawl, hirsuta is one I'm hoping to collect in the future. Looks like a real pretty one!!

Denise in Omaha

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