Dischidia Geri dropping leaves?

eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)November 19, 2011

Hi everyone... I usually try to find a thread here to help with any questions that the normal discussions don't cover... only found one today on this particular hoya and nothing to do with my current issue!.. I'm thinking it might be light... I purchased this lovely full plant at HD maybe 3 weeks ago.. and the only place I could put it was in front of a window facing roughly west.. I check it out very often and it has looked fine, but yesterday when I touched it a lot of healthy looking leaves just dropped right off... I gave it a light "shower" not wanting to wet it since it was quite wet when I bought it.. put it back into the same window... it is growing... those long viney growths are growing and twisting around the handle of the planter.. but today, when touched it, again like autumn!... does it need a lot of light? the EA said medium light? Its the only hoya I've purchased so far to show any sign of being "finicky".. I did let the growing medium it came in dry out and it isn't showing any signs of being too wet. ... maybe it's too dry? please need your advise.. I'm still a newbie!... thanks Eileen in VT

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, but am confused. The thread title mentions Dischidia, inside the post you mention Hoya. Which is it pls?

"I gave it a light "shower" not wanting to wet it since it was quite wet when I bought it.. "

I find this totally confusing, if it was still wet, why water it more esp. since you said you didn't want to get it wet???

I'd be thinking about checking the roots, can't rally know what's wrong w/out that.

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If you have only had it for 3 weeks it could just be adjusting to its new home.I have this happen all the time when I move my lacunosa from out side summer to inside winter.I do have this Dischidia and I treat it like I do with my hoyas.Durning summer, D geri gets west sun and seems fine with it.

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Some Dischidas are really sensitive to change. A change in watering especially, and if it's got commercial mix, they often do stay wet too long for a home atmosphere. But it can be really hard to repot a large plant, and disturbing the roots too much can be just as devastating. I would just leave it completely alone for a few weeks, just checking the soil for moisture now and then. I find when they go through that shedding phase (of otherwise fine looking leaves), sometimes they can be salvaged just by not brushing against them. On the other hand, I've also had a long stem lose all it's leaves while others seemed perfectly fine, so it's possible you just have a stem (or a few) that have corrupted roots. You'll probably just have to play it by ear...

Denise in Omaha

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Many Dischidia hate being wet and are much better suited to growing dry. I don't have the species you have but of the Dischidia I grow problems always seem to be due to too much moisture. Cool or cold weather amplifies issues due to moisture levels so many species like a much drier winter. An open and fast draining mix works well because you can water often when needed but the mix still dries out quickly instead of staying soggy.


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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Cpawl and Denise... thank you both for your advise.... If I don't touch it, the leaves don't fall.. the commercial growing medium feels barely damp at this point. I will as you advise, just keep an eye on it and not touch it.. and perhaps it is only just readjusting to the new environment.

pirategirl.. sorry for the confusion... I'm very new here... so please pardon MY confusion between a hoya and a dischidia since I've read many posts where both have been discussed together, so I thought they were perhaps somehow related! And, perhaps my question was somewhat confusing in the wording... it was very, very wet when I first purchased it; I removed the bottom tray and let it dry out.. so thinking it was only humidity it needed, the shower was only to wet the leaves and not the growing medium ..."not wanting to get it wet"... sorry for the confusion. Eileen

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eileen44_gardener(4 Central Vermont)

Thank you Mike.

I had a humidifier on the floor around the few hanging plants, but ... the air from it was cool.. perhaps too cool for this plant.. I've since turned it off. The temp in the room is generally around 67-69. If I just let it be dry during the winter months, perhaps it will be happier in the spring!.. I do not feel confident in changing the commercial soil out just yet!... just keeping them all happily growing over the winter is a great feat for a newbie... with no experience with these plants (Dischidia AND hoya).

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Dischidia and Hoya are closely related, check out Dischidia.com for some info on the different species.

Do the temperatures in the room stay constant or do they drop further at night? Warm growing plants appreciate a rise in day time temperatures and if kept constantly cool some will start to show signs of stress. I have several Hoyas that each year react to fall/winter by developing some yellow leaves. The balance between moisture, light, and temperature has to be reevaluated come winter for many of us that grow in strongly seasonal places.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dischidia.com

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