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patrick51(5)November 1, 2009

Can anyone help me in my desperate search for two hoyas...I saw them both on Ted Green's website...and are both "must haves": H. inflata IML 1076 and H. sp. flat stem. I've contacted Ted, all of the Thailand sellers and searched the web. Ted doesn't have them, the Thai vendors said they never heard of them. Perhaps if someone has the e-mail addresses of Christine or Ann I could try them...that would be very helpful. When you have the time, please take a look at Ted's website for the mentioned Hoyas...they're remarkable...the leaves on H. flat stem and the campanulate blooms on H. inflata...marvelous!! Thanks for any help you can offer me. Patrick

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Patrick your developing very good taste in Hoyas. LOL
These two species are not at all common so they are quite difficult to get. Hoya sp. flat stem is a new introduction and has only been in the Hoya hobby for a few years. Hoya inflata is gorgeous but it's another rare one. Check out because I know that the owner has both species, getting him to part with a cutting might be another matter.


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I also grow both of those species, and getting me to part with a cutting of either might be another matter!!!

All joking aside, I do grow them both but let me just say,these are 2 of the slowest growing hoyas that you'll ever encounter,or so that's been my experience with them. You can place hypolasia right up there with those 2 as well,extremely slow.

I got flat stem last year as a small rooted plant of about 3 nodes. It's now just over a year since I got it and I think I might now have about 6 nodes and a wait list for it of about 30 names.Good thing about flat stem is that it's an early bloomer. The plant will produce peduncles and bloom when very young and it tends to make them at almost every node.

I got inflata as a cutting from David Liddle earlier this year. My second attempt at this one!! The first cutting rooted well but did nothing for over a year so I gave it away last year. This new cutting rooted very quickly as well,only difference is that this one quickly put on some new growth then just stopped and hasn't done anything since.

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Thanks guys!! Mike, you hit the nail on the head about the guy from was one of the first people I e-mailed, as I had read the postings on the stemma forum...and he mentioned having them, and in particular, he said the H. sp. flat stem was his favorite fragrant hoya. He simply replied that he didn't have flat stem available and had never heard of H. inflata. However...I got a 2nd e-mail from Ted Green...he, of course, has both hoyas...and he's got a waiting list....but, it appears that I may get lucky with him in the spring. Also, Christine Burton replied to my e-mail and said she has H. inflata and hopes to have H. inflata available by spring...and also is importing H. flat stem next spring. Somehow I got up the nerve to ask her for the vendor's name so I could order H. flat stem...or would she order 2 of them for me if I paid her now. I'm awaiting her reply....and feeling very nervous, too!! Wish me luck! Patrick

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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)

I have 2 Hoya inflata's. I got one as a 1 node 1 leaf cut from Sweden and it rooted but no new growth from it. I got sick of waiting so ordered from another Swede and she sent me a nice long rooted one with 2 leaves and about 10 inches of bald vine. I have had more bald vine grow but no new leaves so far. I put it in a PB pot and so far so good. Being from Sweden she prob used SuperThive which I find grows lots of bald vine but is stingy with leaves. So now I'm treating it with VF-11 and we will see if in time leaves start appearing. The 1 noder still just sits. haha.
As far as sp. flat stem I too have searched far and low for it but no luck yet. I'm no quitter so eventually I know I will get a cut. It's the early flowering that has me wanting it and the flat stems have me intriged. I like unusual!
The way I look at it is these may be rare now but give it a couple years or so and they will get out in circulation. Sp. flat stem has been on Ebay a couple times so that further distributes it,,,which is a good thing. Good things come to those who wait! Though it's hard to wait! haha.,,,,Debbie

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stevenwayne(6 sw)

hey have the flat leaf for 20 dollars at rare hoyas

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One hoya I haven't found but I would like someday to find and add to my collection is megalaster. I saw the picture of the flowers a while ago on and read it smells like roses, along with it being easy to grow. Maybe the "Hoya Queen" Hawaii vendor has it.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad, H. megalster is a beautiful hoya foliage and flower wise but it can be a B@#$H to grow!!!! I have been struggling with mine for close to 3 years now. I keep it in the gh and it will make 2-3 new leaves each year and then suddenly they will drop off. This spring I decided to move it outside and it LOVED it!!! The plant probably tripled in size as far as making new vine goes and it made at least a dozen new leaves. The most it has ever had at one time and managed to hang on to them!! I moved it back into the gh for the winter about 2 1/2 weeks ago and surely enough the leaves are dropping again. This is a very tricky hoya to grow and not one that I would highly recommend to anyone who is just starting out collecting hoyas. It really seems to be more trouble than it's worth but I keep growing it in hopes that someday i'll find out what truly makes it a happy plant and it'll reward me with some flowers!!

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Deb....thanks for the idea of Ebay...I had it in my mind that I've seen it up for auction before...but, my mind gets so confused...and I kept thinking it was probably "square leaf" or "rectangular leaf". I check Ebay every few, I'll be watching for it too....we'll probably be bidding against each other!! I still have high hopes that Chris Burton will come through for me. I have serious doubts about trusting Ted Green to send the correctly identified hoyas. Steven...I think that rare flora is Ted Green's site...he has a ton of hoyas listed, but the rare ones are not available. But, thanks so much for the information. David...I believe that one can purchase a type of hoya and have zero success with it....and later purchase the same type of hoya from a different source, and the plant does amazingly well. I purchased my H. megalaster mid-summer and the thing has grown like's added vines a good 2-3 feet long...and they're covered with leaves...and some of the new leaves are getting huge, while most are medium large...I just went to check my records...I received the plants...2 of them, on August 5th and purchased them from Asiatica. I remember posting on the forum how puny the plants were and how expensive their plants are and their shipping costs are equal to EMS from Thailand!! I also rememeber stating that it would be doubtful that I would purchase from that vendor again. But, both plants are now looking very nice and it's beginning to fill out nicely. I remember when I received the plants that they each had two leaves...and were VERY expensive. So, maybe Asiatica isn't so bad afterall!! LOL! My H. megalaster is in a southwest window and gets nearly zero direct sunlight due to the Maple tree outside the does get 16 hrs. of artificial light each day. I guess what I'm trying to say is that perhaps the source is the problem, not the type of hoya. Probably tomorrow I'll look at my megalaster and notice that all of it's leaves have fallen off!! But, right now it's full of new vines and leaves...most of which have grown in less than 3 months. Fondly, Patrick

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I've had that experience with a few hoyas before. My first subcalve sat for nearly 2 years and did not make a single new leaf. I bought a second plant form a different vendor and that plant is one of the biggest and fastest growing hoyas in my collection!!!

if I remember correctly my megalaster plant came from a vendor that can not be called by name on this forum. It has struggled since day one. Even though it will give me some new leaves now and again it has never really been in A1 shape!!! maybe i'll get another one from a new vendor and see how it does.

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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)

I agree in that the same variety of Hoya but from different vendors or trades DOES make a difference. I believe some plants are just stronger and healthier than others. Same as with people and their health.
I find for me most anything from Sweden if at least 2 nodes does better than anywhere in the world I order from. It's gotta be something in their water possibly. I do know most use New Zealand spagnum moss which is said to be the best available.

Patrick great on your megalantha! I've also heard it was slow but sounds yours is in a race and winning! We may have to do a trade when weather permits if your interested.

David the couple plants I've gotten from that vendor you can't say and from Ted which also lives in Hawaii never thrive for me. I think just too big a difference between my weather and theirs. I have learned if I do order from Ted to order in the heat of my summer and they will root and at least grow some though slowly. Any other time of year and the cuts just die for me.

Patrick I don't believe that Ted is a total wash out on his ID's. I do believe there are some discrepancies in between the Hoya greats as to what's what. CB tends to never agree with Ted, Dale or Ann. I don't think it's within her being to see what they see or at least admit it if she did.

I put alot of stock in what the Swedes usually say because they are sticklers for correct ID's.
I take no ones word as liquid gold. I do research and from what I find combine the info to come to a conclusion.,,,Debbie

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patrick51(5) seem to have so much wisdom...thanks for your insight. I've never had anything but tremendous success with everything I've received from Carol...almost all of the plants from her have bloomed...which is a rarity in my sunroom! David...I have the same problem with H. loyceandrewsiana as you have with H.'s perplexing! H. latifolia is supposedly the same plant as H. loyce...depending on who you listen to...but, my H. latifolia grows tons of new leaves and they mature perfectly...H. loyceandrewsiana puts out tons of new leaves...and every single one of them has dropped by the time they reach an inch in length...irritating!! BTW...Ted seems to have written me off...however, Christine has actually taken the time to try to locate the hoyas I'm looking for...she said she'd get back with me once she hears. She also promised me a H. inflata in the Spring...but, that she'll try to find a larger one from some of her friends. So far, she's been an angel. Also, I wish someone would write a book on the "Problems of Hoyas"...identification, leaf drop, bugs, yellowing of leaves, failure to bloom, failure to grow, dozens of names for the same plant, dying, blasting of new growth and buds, etc., etc., etc. It'd be a "bestseller" amongst hoya enthusiasts.! Patrick

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