Activity is picking up!!!!

hummersteveAugust 1, 2007

So much so that I dare you to sit on my front walkway about 8:00pm and not duck your head 2 or 3 times. At various times during the day it seems I have 5 or 6 hummers but this evening and last night there were at least 10 maybe more difficult to count for the constant chasing, but I would see a cloud of 4 or 5 hummers take chase way up in the air and still see 4 or 5 in my yard. This is what we hope for and work for with our many flowers and feeders. I have also added an extra feeder on my back porch to go with the 8 out front. The one out back is a 30oz perky pet I had around here, but part of the perch is broke and hadnt been using it , but it has taken a load of some of the other feeders, for they have really taken to it. Day before yesterday I filled it about half full [15oz] and tonight its empty. I wish everyone could be having the fun Im having now, wether it be for additional birds heading south or whatever. Last year I didnt get what I have now till mid-august.

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Yeah, I wish I was having the fun you're having now! I still have my ONE, that chases out every other hummer that comes within her space. I haven't even seen the tiny male that had showed up for a little while :(
All jealousy aside, good for you! Enjoy ;)

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Here in CT, I'm seeing a big increase in activity due to young hummers leaving their nests. I can always tell the young hummers by their exploration of anything brightly colored. My cherry tomatoes have been getting a lot of attention!

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Here in NW CT, the hummers have been busy -- I can hear them diving around over my head as I weed -- they come to the red flowers, monarda and trumpet vine. This weekend I'll put out a feeder I just got, and I'll report back how fast they find it.

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I'm also seeing increased activity, I was worried before about filling up my feeders full to the top, since in 3 days, only half of it was being I cut back on how much I put in...(to about 3/4 full) and now after 2 days they are nearly drained.....

It's so fun to watch them...I have seen little ones colorful green ones, only one with a red throat and boy do they chase each other...the most I have seen so far is 3 at a time vying for the best perch spot to drink from....some sit quietly and feed, others nervously swoop in and out and sip...

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I am a new member here but have been following the threads for awhile.
My activity has really picked up here in Maine also. I now have a male who has taken over one of the feeders, maybe stocking up for the long trip south?


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missriss(6b PA)

I put my feeder up about 3 or 4 weeks ago after visiting my cousin and hearing the tales of their hummers. About 2 days after putting it out I saw a hummer in the woods going after a trumpet shaped weed flower so I knew the odds were good to get one at the feeder. Not even a week after putting it up we got a visit from a male and a female! He was much more cautious and would watch from the tree beside the feeder. I've since moved the feeder about 20 feet and hung it from a wood post with moonflower and morning glory climbing it and even though it's only 4 feet from our pool they still visit it! We love hanging out in the pool watching them. I never knew they made so much noise! As far as I can tell we have 3 but the one is so possessive of the feeder that I picked up a new one and hung that one out front in hopes that the other's will find it and not have to risk life and limb just to get a sip! I'm so glad I decided to put our feeder back up 'cause they are so fun to watch. Surprisingly I never see them at any of my flowers even though I have many that others have mentioned in different posts. I'll just keep watching.

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Missriss--- glad to see you are getting into hummers they are great fun to watch. Last summer I had acculated feeders till I had 4 feeders and competition was fierce. So this year I have 8 feeders spread out over my front yard and a 30oz in back that I had dug out of storage. All this gives more of them a chance to feed more, at least thats my idea. IM getting ready to make a post of recent pics on my large feeder they arent great but are viewable.

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